Acrylic Gloss Gel Medium

Product Description

This heavy body, pure polymer gel is translucent when wet and transparent when dry. It increases the brilliance and transparency of acrylic color without changing the thickness of the paint, and dries to a gloss finish. Liquitex Gloss Gel can also be used as a transparent ground for acrylic paint, as an excellent glue for collage and decoupage, and as a binder for powdered pigments to make an inexpensive “student grade” thick gloss paint.

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Rated by: Amanda G. in Memphis, TN
This stuff will save your life. You can use it for ANYTHING! Even if you don't think you need it right away, believe me you find it helpful for any projects. Use it in paints, over paints, or for collages. It is great!
Rated by: rebecca m. in Gaeta, Italy, AE
I've been using Liquitex's clear gel medium for a few years, whenever I paint in acrylics, and I especially appreciate how it "upgrades" lower quality, cheaper pigments to be compatible with Golden or Liquitex colors. Also, it's great for painting clouds!
Rated by: James Clay G. in Jacksonville, FL
This was my first time trying gloss medium. I found it added extra depth to my paintings. I recomend it to any one painting with acrylics.
Rated by: Kristen J. in Laie, HI
A certain craft project has been in my family for over 25 years and when I got married I wanted to make this cloth book for my children. However, the products I needed seemed difficult to find. Misterart had exactly what I needed, no hassel and the liquitex gloss gel works purfect. It works on heavy duty cloth, it's washable and child proof for fun.
Rated by: Thomas V. in Spring Hill, TN
This is an excellent product to mix with colors for effects that give a gloss or shine where wanted. Excellent service from MisterArt.
Rated by: Judy E. in Middleton, MI
This gel medium is wonderful for using in all your paper crafts. Works great for image transfers and for the glue that holds it all together :*)
Rated by: Paul L. in Houston, TX
This is what I use over photos printed on canvas. Excellent to work with, fine results. I won't use anything else.
Rated by: Jerald C. in Salisbury, NC
This stuff is like mayonaise but it dries to transparent. I got exceptionally good results by painting the surface and using the gel medium to cover it. It gave depth to the water.
Rated by: Christine W. in Clallam Bay, WA
The very best in Gloss Mediums!! I have tried the off brands and they can't even compare!! Some of the other "on" brands are good...but this one is the very best and I use this stuff in just about everything I do with acrylic paintings. Excellent!
Rated by: Christine W. in Clallam Bay, WA
Liquitex gloss medium is absolutely excellent as a transparent extender! I work layers and this gives me the beautiful depth! Excellent product...
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