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For work, art, school and hobby drawing and painting. Suitable for drawing on paper or boards. Opaque, lightfast, and reproducible. Especially suitable for ruling and drawing pens and for brushes. Not for use in technical pens. Formula #17.

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color: black
size: 1 oz.
Manu #211862
Item #37258
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(based on 13 reviews)


Rated by: Francesco S. in New York
This is by far the best ink I have used for my comics! Consistency is perfect. Pigment has the tendency to settle at the bottom of the bottle but I just stir it with a brush and it dissolves quickly. I buy this product in batches,because I am terrified that it will be discontinued. Joe Kubert's school recommended this ink.
Rated by: JimV in Michigan
Professional quality ink at a fair price. Easy five stars for use with dip pens and some technical pens.
Rated by: Christine S. in Atlanta, GA
I've been using this ink for 31 years now and it has never failed me! It flows beautifully from dip-style pens and lasts a long time in the bottle. I only wish it were easier to find in ALL its colors since I'm running out! Did I mention it's permanence/lightfastedness qualities? Truly the BEST ink around!!!
Rated by: Carolyn R. in Alpine, TX
An artist out of Frankfurt recommended this ink, and I have found it consistently high quality, easy to use, and very affordable. 5 stars!
Rated by: Leonard B. in Huntsville AL , AL
Pelikan is the ink of choice among the Wounaan tagua carvers in Panama. They use Pelikan to paint their carvings.
Rated by: joel b. in ROMEGA, GA
This ink, when applied to a thicker, cold-pressed style surface at first in one lay-in style layer, and then with an additional burnishing layer provides a black that is entirely unmatched. I give this ink my highest recommendation. well worth the expense AND HARD, HARD, HARD TO find in retail stores. stock up while you still can!
Rated by: Adam S. in Aurora, IL
This is the best ink I've found so far for black. It stays dark on the skin.
Rated by: Ande P. in Baldwin City, KS
I draw comic books, and this has been my ink of preference for years. It's not the exact same forumla that I started buying 15 years ago, but it's still my favorite all-around permanent ink. I keep two bottles on my table at all times... one for pen and one for brush, with the brush being kept a bit thicker becuase it's been open longer.
Rated by: Richard H. in Gardner, MA
My ink of choice. It's smooth, dries quickly, and gives me the perfect tone for ink wash drawings (my medium of choice). You can't beat these prices, and you can't beat the service at MisterArt. I was extremely satisfied with my first order, and am now a loyal customer.
Rated by: Deborah A. in Chino Hills, CA
Pelikan ink goes on smooth and dries quickly.
Rated by: Walter S. in NYC, NY
I'm with the other reviewers. Pelikan is the best ink and hard to find. I'm delighted to discover it here!
Rated by: Zachary S. in pittsburgh, PA
I personally think this is THE BEST black drawing ink there is...and yet oh so hard to find...until now!!!
Rated by: Joseph E. in Raleigh, NC
Good source for this hard to find but oh so wonderful ink!!
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