Speedy Stamp Carving Kits

Speedy Stamp Carving Kits

Product Description

The Speedy Stamp Basic Stamp Carving Kit includes 24 square inches of newly improved "bubble gum pink" rubber block, two lino cutters, wooden handle, tracing paper, five free images, and a 10 page instructional brochure.

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5 Star Rating

(based on 15 reviews)


5 Star Rating
Rated by: Jimena B. in san jose, costa rica, NY
This was a great starting point for stamp carving, easy to use and with wonderful results.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Deanna M. in Battle Creek, MI
Got this kit to try making my first hand-carved stamps for letterboxing. Very easy to use, fun, and inexpensive.
4 Star Rating
Rated by: amy m. in mooresville, NC
This is a great beginner kit! I had never carved anything before, so I appreciated the directions, which were well written and the tools, which have proven to be easy to use.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Kisma R. in Newport Beach, CA
I found evereything I needed in the Basic Stamp Carving Kit to begin making my own stamps. The product quality is first rate.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: J. F. in Northwest, GA
Great stuff, easy to work with.
4 Star Rating
Rated by: Kristin N. in CROWN POINT, IN
I bought one of these kits to make rubber stamps for letterboxing. The tools are incredibly easy to use and the material carves very easily. It takes both acetone transfers and pencil transfers from tracing paper very well. I've made 7 or 8 stamps so far, and I am addicted!
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Summer Y. in Liverpool, NY
I found this kit easy to use (and I'm a first-time stamp carver). I recommend having an exacto knife in addition to the materials in this kit, and heavy foam to back your stamps. Otherwise, the kit has everything you will need to make hand-carved stamps. Take your time, and have fun :)
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Tyra M. in McMinnville, OR
As a new letterboxer I ordered the basic kit to try my first stamp-carving. It gave me a good start but I ordered some extra items too - more tracing paper, and a pack of size one cutting blades for finer lines. Have a great time with this kit! You'll be ordering more "pink stuff" soon.
4 Star Rating
Rated by: Nima R. in Atlanta, GA
1st time using kit, it was quite easy to use and the stamps i made came out great.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Annette W. in Darlington, WI
Wonderful product - large piece for big graphics - cuts like butter. This was my first time carving since grade school, and it turned out beautiful! Easy to use, handy tools. Love it!
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Margie S. in Los Alamos, NM
This set is perfect for a beginner. It comes with everything you need to carve a stamp: carving block, wooden handle, 2 cutters, and instructions. It was soft and easy to "carve." It was fun too!
4 Star Rating
Rated by: Laura M. in Portland, OR
I really enjoyed doing this, and the stamps turned out great, but it didn't quite "earn" five stars for two reasons: 1) It was NOT quick, as it had sort of seemed like it could be, and 2) The surface to carve the stamps out of was much smaller than I had expected it to be--I'd recommend not trying to make more than 4 stamps out of it unless you are practiced or they are really simple. I did like the result, however!
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Kimberly V. in Downey, CA
This is the most awesome product. I was looking for a very specific rubber stamp for cardmaking and I just could not find it anywhere. It was so easy to use and came out just how I had envisioned it. I would recommend this product to anyone that has any ability level, it's so easy!!!!!
4 Star Rating
Rated by: Carrie Q. in LA, CA
I bought the Basic Kit, since I already had a woodcarving kit. The two tools that came with the Basic Kit were really all I needed. The instructions were clear and simple.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Trudy A. in Pueblo, CO
Follow the instructions given and you can creat anything. I used a picture of an angel from a magazine, traced it on the block, carved out and wow, great stamp resulted ant is one of a kind, so if you want a special bear, santa, etc you can do. I am please because this was my first try. Just rember go slow, take your time. Recommend this product.
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