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One Step Crackle

One Step Crackle

Product Description

One Step Crackle provides an aged, crackled effect in one easy step. It’s easier to use and less expensive than two-step crackles.

One Step Crackle dries clear. It can also be antiqued for old world effect or color washed for newer, trendier look.

The crackle effect can be controlled by application. Thin applications will produce small crackled effects. Thick applications will produce large crackled effects.

One Step Crackle can be applied to wood, plaster, tin, resin, ceramic bisque, papier machè, terra cotta, plastic, glass, and metal. It’s nontoxic and cleans up with soap and water.

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4 Star Rating

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5 Star Rating
Rated by: Dawn L. in Nisswa, MN
I LOVE this product and am on my way to purchase more!! This is NOT like the old version of crackle where you have to paint over it to get the effect. You just paint on the clear crackle and wait for it to dry(I even cheated and used a heat gun to speed ) then watch the crackles appear! I add a watered down brown acrylic paint over the top and wipe it off to highlight the crackles and age the project. Its amazing you MUST buy this!!(buy 2 its sooo addicting!)
3 Star Rating
Rated by: Merrill M. in St Augustine, FL
This is a good crackle effect for small and intimate projects like jewelry pieces or boxes. But as the size of your project goes up, this crackle doesn't allow the crackle size to enlarge, also time expensive as you have to wait for complete drying time to achieve good effects, but it is nice to have choices in the effects you are trying to produce. MLM
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