Beam Compass No. 4211

Product Description

The Tacro Beam Compass is ideal for drawing and inking precise large circles. Constructed from anodized aluminum, it is lightweight and sturdy. The compass features a 13 in. beam, thumbscrew adjustments, and divider points, which can be used either for the divider function or to hold the center of the circle. The compass head can accommodate either pen or pencil. The Tacro Beam Compass comes with spare parts and a vial of extra leads. 24 in. and 36 in. extension beams, for making larger circles, are sold separately.

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description: beam compass
length: 13 in.
Manu #98-4211
Item #22618
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description: extension beam
length: 24 in.
Manu #98-4212
Item #24040
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description: extension beam
length: 36 in.
Manu #98-4213
Item #88191
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(based on 9 reviews)


Rated by: Glenn G. in Waterville, KS
Product is well made for the price. Very accurate. I order the 24" extension to create larger circles. Very good product.
Rated by: Michael B. in Tyler, TX
Using this instrument, I was able to inscribe a pentagon inside of a 9" circle on a game board. The insturment holds its settings firmly and was easy to use and adjust. I would recommend it. Thanks, Michael
Rated by: Donald P. in Olney, MD
I make furniture as a hobby and found this compass great for laying out round table tops. It is very easy to adjust and very accurate, as well as very good quality. Great purchase!
Rated by: Dusty L. in Shalimar, FL
This is a really fine compass. I was totally surprised at the quality especially for the price. It's easy and quick to adjust and holds it's accuracy throughout the circle. I can't see anyone not drawing a totally round circle. Awesome instrument !
Rated by: John G. in Laurence Harbor, NJ
I purchased the set of 3 to use for laying out curves and circles lines for my wood working projects. I was surprised at how accurate the compasses were. In fact, because of there accuracy I am know using them in laying out the lines for making shadow boxes, which every would worker needs the lenght of all lines to be exactly the same.Also, because of the low profile of the swing arm you have better stability and control over the tool. TWO thumbs up to TARCo
Rated by: Barbara W. in Oakland, CA
Very easy to use. With the extended bar, I could draw circles accurate to 1/16" with a diameter of over 30".
Rated by: Steven R. in Boston, MA
Excellent product, easily permits drawing larger circles with no problems. Easy to keep clean and in goods working order
Rated by: edward l. in Chapel Hill, NC
Quality item, solid construction and superior ease of use.
Rated by: Ron W. in Tucson, AZ
Great value for the money. High quality unit. Includes a full compliment of leads and points. Compares in performance to units costing over $100.
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