Incredible White Mask Liquid Frisket

Product Description

A high quality latex which assures an easy removable, durable mask. It is non-staining, quick drying and can be sprayed without being diluted. For use with all artist papers, board, wood, leather, glass, metal, ceramics, and rubber stamps.

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(based on 9 reviews)


Rated by: Susan in kerhonkson ny
I had have problems with masking medium in the past. So I was extremely skeptical. However it worked great. I would only suggest you use it on art paper as on copy paper and newsprint, it didn't work without damaging the paper.
Rated by: John G. in Seattle, WA
This is a great product! I've started painting 5 months ago and have found a world of difference using this product in order to maintain areas preserved for painting later in the process. It's also easily removed when you are ready to peel/rub it off.
Rated by: Jon T. in Pierre, SD
This product does NOT disappoint. I needed a mask for miniatures, and it works splendidly. After fighting with applicators, I simply added a little water to thin the mask and applied it with a small bottle and fine point (.5 mm) nib. After letting it dry, I airbrushed the figure, and then peeled up the mask. The mask's durable latex construction formed a welcomed break where it should. I'll use this product for many years to come. MisterArt rocked as well, packaging and delivering solidly, and doing so at rock bottom prices!
Rated by: Ryan F. in sauk city, WI
I wanted a mask that offered me more options on a motorcycle helmet than what standard masking or stretch mask could handle. I sprayed the mask on, and was able to cut a stencil in shapes on a rounded surface that I could have never done with other masking types.
Rated by: christi h. in coupeville, WA
Depending on the surface that this is being used on it is pretty effective. The only real problem that I had with it was that it rips most surfaces unless heavily glossed or something other than paper.
Rated by: Judith B. in San Francisco, CA
I wanted to experiment with masking out soft pastels. I doubted the frisket would work -- i assumed that rubbing in the pastels would rub away the frisket -- Not so! I could rub the pastels into the paper and the frisket stayed firm. The frisket did hold the pastel pigments better than the paper, and i almost regretted pulling the frisket away -- the brighter sweeps against the lighter background was attractive. Still, continuing with the experimment, pulling back the frisket wored fine, and i didn't rub pigment into the white regions. Higgins non-waterproof black wrote just fine over both the pastels and the post-frisketted areas. There might have been a little bleed where the frisket had been, but it was not particularly significant. Another surprise -- it was easy to write with a C-4 speedball nib over the pastel dusted frisket. Note: really let the ink dry before removing the frisket! Smudges reward the impatient! What about frisket to protect a pastel area? And frisket and acrylic inks? Well, the frisket does pull up much of the pigment that's been rubbed into the paper. Drawn lines don't seem as lifted. I was too impatient to get the pen working with the acrylic ink, so i just used a brush. My main concern was that the frisket would peel the acrylic off from the paper at the edges, but it seemed to leave a nice crisp edge. I think there was one spot where it peeled back a little. The acrylic inks are very thin compared to acrylic paints.
Rated by: Eric S. in San Francisco, CA
I bought this product to experiment as a resist with metal etching. It was the best item i have used on metal. it adhears wonderfully and dries fast and then peels right off. Perfect! If you need a good resist for metal etching try this product!
Rated by: Peggy G. in Polo, MO
I use this product to mask an area that I don't want to paint a base color so that I can add dapples later. Works great!
Rated by: Leslie D. in Los Angeles, CA
After using a different product for a while I was a little timid to try something new. I'm VERY glad I did! This product paints on to give good, straight edges, protects beautifully and lifts easily. What more could you ask for?
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