Designer Dries Clear Adhesive

Product Description

Designer "Dries Clear" Adhesive is a permanent, industrial-strength, non-toxic adhesive that dries acid-free, transparent and remains flexible. Use under opaque glitter 100% of the time. You'll use Dries Clear under transparent glitter 95% of the time to show off their sheer and icy qualities.

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(based on 7 reviews)


Rated by: Lisa E. in LA, CA
Good product. performs exactly as described. Next time I plan on buying the bigger size.
Rated by: Susie E. in Olympia, WA
I have tried other glues recommended for glitter and Beedz and to my knowledge this is the best out there ... it dries absolutely crystal clear (the "dries clear" one". I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone that is looking for a easy but strong adhesive for glitter or Beedz. Now, I do use the The Art Glittering System Tools with it, and honestly I would not do it without them, they make it so easy!!!!
Rated by: Myrtle W. in Cranston, RI
used with the fine glitter - easy to use and was able to place glitter just where I wanted it because of this product.
Rated by: Nedra B. in Eagle, ID
This glue is great! I have used it for years. I used to make sample greeting cards for a decorative rubber stamp company and never had any problems with this glue holding anything I needed it to hold. It works great for gluing glitter, because it dries completely clear.
Rated by: Glenda P. in Los Angeles, CA
I loved the Glue! This item was so excellent that I even gave the name of the product and your website information to a glitter company located in Los Angeles. This company sells a spray adhesive designed for glitter, but you can still shake a lot of glitter off even after the spray dries. YOUR GLUE GLITTER IS THE BEST!!
Rated by: Amie G. in Trenton, NJ
This glue is perfect for glitter. It does dry clear and allows transparent glitter to refract the color underneath also. It also lays down quite well, especially when used with the UltraFine Metal Tip -- it stays where you want it to go, no dripping or oozing at all. It also "grabs" the glitter instantly when you flood it. Even when you shake or tap the material the glue is on, the glue and glitter stay put. When it dries, it's flexible, so you can bend the material to whatever angle you want.
Rated by: beth m. in augusta, GA
I compared this glue to several other "dries clear" craft glues - and this one is the ONLY one that glitter etc. really sparkled through!
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