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Speedball Linoleum Cutters are well built to give long service. The handles fit the hand comfortably and feature hand-adjusted screw chucks that makes it easy to change blades. The handles are hollow, with pop-off ends, for convenient storage of cutters. The Linoleum Cutter blades are perfect for cutting a variety of materials. The blades are very sharp, so exercise caution when using. No. 1 contains one Lino handle and one each of cutters #1, 2, 3, 5, and 6No. 2 contains two Lino handles and one each of Lino cutters #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6No. 37 contains one Lino handle and one each of Linozip cutters # 21, 22, 23, 25, and Lino Cutter #6 Take your Jack-O'-Lantern to the next level this Halloween with Speedball Linoleum Cutters, perfect for carving fine designs and details into your chosen gourd. More precise than traditional pumpkin carving tools, linoleum cutters allow you to deftly remove thin layers, creating stripes, lines, and value differences.

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(based on 22 reviews)


Rated by: Cindy in New Bern, NC
I thought I could rely on something made by Speedball, but the two sets I bought are a huge disappointment. The set comes with an adapter, but it's not enough to hold any but the medium blade. The sets are useless! Very, very disappointed. Our project was time-intensive and, with no time to return/exchange the sets, we're stuck.
Rated by: Emily B. in Hillsborough, NC
I used this product in a woodblock printing class. I thought it was fine. Some of the women in the class bemoaned the plastic handle (not wood) but it is very convenient that the spare nibs can be kept inside the handle, and does it really matter if it is plastic? It was sometimes slow-going across the grain of the wood (white pine), but I don't know if that can be helped. The only problem I had was that the motion of carving would sometimes unscrew the cap in the handle, and I'd have to retighten it before it came off and the spare nibs fell out.
Rated by: Susan H. in Austin, TX
I bought the #37 kit with the "Linozip" style blades. The Linozips are great as opposed to the standard gouges because they're safer for kids to use. The only reason I can't give 'em 5 stars is that these blades are "right handed" and that makes them tricky for left handed kids.
Rated by: Jorge G. in Greenbelt, MD
These cutters are so easy to use and so very comfortable in my hand. I am left handed and they do not feel awkward. Plan to buy some more supplies right now.
Rated by: Katie H. in Minneapolis, MN
This was my first exposure to using this kind of tool and I was really surprised how easy it was. I also think it's really convenient that you can store the blades you're not using in the handle. I would totally reccomend this for someone without a lot of experience carving.
Rated by: Ann S. in Richmond, VA
I am new to letterboxing and find this an excellent set for creating persoanlized stamps. I am also left handed and had no problems with the adjustment screw coming loose while carving. Like the storage feature being in the handle.
Rated by: Michaela P. in Peoria, AZ
Rated by: K H. in Stanton, ND
I ordered this to carve pumpkins. Works great. Able to make smaller details. Super sharp.
Rated by: Sarah R. in Reading, PA
I love this tool! I've just started getting into making stamps and it works so well. It even works well with regular pink erasers. Very convenient handle storage. And comfortable. Highly recommend!
Rated by: Thomas K. in Shelbyville, IN
Purchased to carve pumpkins. Worked very well-several people commented on how nice the pumpkins looked.
Rated by: Beth P. in Paso Robles, CA
Speedball is the only cutter I use! I highly recommend their products! I really like the variety of the cutting blades.
Rated by: Cynthia S. in Madison, GA
SPEEDBALL cutters are ALL I use for making my stamps. I love them! Great control, could use one a little smaller than a #1, I have to bend it to make my own 1/2 :)
Rated by: Brian H. in Milford, NH
The BEST choice for cutting stamp material in making your own stamps for letterboxing.I haven't seen a tool that is better to challenge it.
Rated by: Marilyn J. in Monclova, , OH
I purchased this for use in carving pumpkins for Fall Decoration. They are great for that purpose.
Rated by: Catherine M. in Atlanta, GA
Very convenient to be able to store my blades in the handle of my cutter. I use this tool to carve rubber stamps. I rarely need any other tool.
Rated by: Maranda C. in Milwaukee, WI
Great tool with terrific versatility. I use the lino cutter to carve rubber stamps, and with the variety of blades, I can get even the most intricate images carved easily.
Rated by: Nicole L. in New Orleans, LA
Great tools....I got what i wanted from this product.
Rated by: Lised M. in Wooster, OH
They are just great!
Rated by: Tabatha R. in Farmington, NM
These sets are lovely! comes with all you need to get started! great bargain!
Rated by: heather d. in atlanta, GA
I think these cutters and handles work nicely. They are super sharp and durable allowing you to make precise cuts. I have had no problems.
Rated by: juli C. in Oxnard, CA
I put in blade #1 and after about 3 minutes it broke at the base! Very disappointed. Same thing happened with blade #2. Bad quality.
Rated by: Clarissa C. in Chicago, IL
These cut evenly and smoothly. The comfortable handle gives you complete control and steadiness.
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