Artists' Gloss Varnish

Product Description

Winsor & Newton Artists' Gloss Varnish is a superior quality varnish for the protection of finished artwork. It dries to a clear, non-yellowing, high gloss film that won't bloom or crack. If you want to reduce the gloss, simply mix with Winsor & Newton Artists' Original Matt Varnish.

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Rated by: richard s. in Houston, TX
This strong varnish provides excellent finish with control of thickness and even level of gloss required when one seeks the "old world" finish of the masters. It brings all colors to their intended depth and richness as well as protects for many years without yellowing as other products do. I have used it through an extended career, always with satisfactory long term results. It can even be mixed with matt varnishes in varied degrees to achieve richness of finish without a cloying final gloss; it only takes a little patience for a masters intended outcome.
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