Paper Palette Pad

Product Description

A plastic coated paper suitable for use with all mediums; oil, acrylic, watercolor, casein, etc. Paint never soaks through or makes the paper buckle. 40 per pad.

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size: 12 in. x 16 in.
Manu #365-12
Item #26883
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size: 9 in. x 12 in.
Manu #365-9
Item #63082
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(based on 11 reviews)


Rated by: donna b. in midland, TX
Great quality, no bleed through. Lasting and strong.
Rated by: jacqueline r. in big sky, MT
This is an excellent palette for oils - no bleed through of paints or buckling of paper.
Rated by: Amber F. in Dallas, TX
I use this with the palette covered box. I love it for several reasons. It's perfect for transporting paint to and from class or your studio. It's great for saving leftover paint and will keep it for a week or two. And finally and most importantly, it makes clean up a breeze. You just toss it in the trash when you're done.
Rated by: Amy A. in Little Rock, AR
I'm sold on using disposable palettes to replace the tedious to clean wooden ones. Sometimes ripping out the paper can tear uneavenly. I love this product though.
Rated by: Kim V. in Orange, CA
What I like about this palette is that when I am mixing paint on it the paper does not buckle the way other brands do. It is the perfect traveling palette for painting several pictures on the go.
Rated by: Clayton C. in marion, KY
Wonderful palette!
Rated by: Clayton C. in marion, KY
Wonderful palette!
Rated by: Andrea M. in Okmulgee, OK
I actually purchased this on accident as I was actually looking for paper to use with oil paints. This is not paper to use to paint on, but rather to mix paint, hence "palette", which I missed. Overall, it is good paper for mixing on the go, to use as a cover for a palette, or just to use in place of one.
Rated by: Kathleen G. in Muskego, WI
Great paper for traveling and was happy to use it!!!!
Rated by: Clayton C. in Marion, KY
This is great for oil painting, and makes cleaning up so easy!
Rated by: Betty H. in Willcox, AZ
This paper pallet is a perfect companion for the Artist Pallet Seal Box. Good quality with no paint bleed-through to the next sheet. No crumpled paper after several painting sessions.
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