Liquin Original Medium

Product Description

Winsor & Newton’s most popular liquid medium, Liquin Original improves the flow of oil and alkyd colors for smooth brushwork, subtle blending or fine detail. It mixes easily with a brush and flows readily. It also increases translucency, making it ideal for thin glazing. Liquin is a flammable, translucent gel that quickly dries to a virtually non-yellowing film.

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Rated by: Jason L. in Columbia, MO
Great product, really good price; fast shipping to boot!
Rated by: H.K. M. in Central, LA
This did allow the paint to dry much quicker, but I did not like the sheen it left behind in spots. I'll probably use it to finish the painting I started with it, but after that I don't think I'll use it again. It's simply not to my taste.
Rated by: Emily S. in Concord, NH
Love it! Windsor and Newton liquin original is great! It gives my paints nice flow and dries the paint much faster than anything else I've used. Definately worth purchasing.
Rated by: George N. in Montgomery, AL
I have been using WINSOR & NEWTON Liquin Original for sometime and find it to be very satisfactory. I prefer my paintings to dry rather quickly and this provides that. Also, I love the flow that it gives the paint, covers nicely.
Rated by: David H. in Slaughter, LA
I am pleased with this product. I would highly recommend it for certain paintings.
Rated by: K A. in Dallas, TX
I'll never use anything but Liquin Original. It works so well with my paints. Love this product.
Rated by: Carole B. in Jackson, MS
Liquin is the best product available for oils with so many uses. I love it and wouldn't paint without it.
Rated by: richard s. in Houston, TX
Formally trained in Italy, I have experienced every medium one can make from all traditional methods; most excellent constructs. Only Liquin of the contemporary products grants the vesitility of creating varied mixes and desities that facilitate the process with assurred results and masterful control. I accord it the masters seal of excellence and dependability.
Rated by: Jo Beth H. in Notthingham, MD
I bought this product to work with acylic colors. This product is good for blending colors. I also like the effect on the colors themselves; it takes my artwork to a higher level.
Rated by: Eschwan W. in San Miguel de Allende, MX, OR
I have been using Liquin for over 20 years and can't be without it. Lately I use it mixed with oil paint over encaustics.
Rated by: sue w. in southlake, TX
I depend on Liquin for my work, because I use glazing techniques, and need the paint to dry overnight. Also, the other drying agents I have tried in the past just don't work as quickly, and most of them have health warning labels-Liquin is just the best!
Rated by: Kate W. in Little Rock, AR
Winsor and Newton liquin taken my paintings to another level. It is so easy to manipulate the paints and shade using the liquin.
Rated by: Janice G. in Crestview, FL
This is a great medium and never dulls my paintings
Rated by: Nancy Del P. in Fernandina Beach, FL
I love Liquin! I have all of my students use it, as well as using it myself in my own paintings. It makes the paints go on like butter, and maintains an even gloss over the entire painting with no dead spots. What I love the most however, is the quick drying of it when mixed with my oils, so that I can go over the painting again, and change things that I do not like or that are not working in the painting.
Rated by: Joan C. in New York, NY
My favorite medium, very reliable. Does not dry to a slick finish; paintings generally dry in a day depending on the application of paint. Have used this for ten years (since it was introduced, or I started painting in 1988). Never yellows or produce any negative effect on painting surface.
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