Blending & Glazing Medium

Product Description

This mixture of Dammar Varnish, Linseed Oil and mineral spirits reduces the consistency and slows the drying rate of oil and alkyd colors. Developed for decorative painting, it can be used for blending, glazing, stroke work, antiquing and staining.

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size: 75 ml
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Rated by: Erik A. in Winona, MN
I love this stuff. I've learned how to use it layer upon layer, to create a depth of color and texture in oil paintings. I always have a supply handy.
Rated by: Dorit P. in Poplarville, MS
If you paint in a hot climate and sit under or near a fan this is great to add to Liquin when using oil paints. It keeps the paint wetter longer but still lets it dry overnight.
Rated by: barbara w. in denison, TX
I love this particular product. With my style of painting and love of fine smooth blending, this is the best I have found. My florals have that fine delicate look that I like and the product goes a long way.
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