Slow-Dri Blending Mediums

Product Description

This uniquely formulated medium extends the drying time of acrylics by up to 40%. It also improves flow, enhances depth of color intensity, increases transparency and gloss, and adds flexibility and adhesion to paint film. Translucent when wet, Slow-Dri Blending Fluid dries to a transparent, water resistant, flexible, and non-yellowing surface.

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medium: fluid
size: 8 oz. bottle
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medium: fluid
size: 4 oz. bottle
Manu #6304
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medium: gel
size: 8 oz. jar
Manu #7208
Item #67620
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medium: gel
size: 16 oz. jar
Manu #7216
Item #83610
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Rated by: Peter F. in Kenner, LA
I was accustomed to oil painting where blending on a palette was typical. Of course, this does not apply to Acrylics unless you elect to use Liquitex Slow Drying Medium. Acrylics may dry instantaneously and blending may be improbable. This product slows the drying time an allows one to perform blending technicques. It works well and suspends drying time considerably.
Rated by: Loretta P. in Orlando, FL
I use this product alot in most all aspects of my work. I like the ease of use and the extension time in blending, especially when doing portraits.
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