Acrylic Modeling Paste

Product Description

This is an extra heavy body, very opaque modeling paste. Made from marble dust and 100% polymer emulsion, it’s perfect for building heavy textures on rigid supports and for creating three-dimensional forms. It also makes an excellent substrate for acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastel, oil bars, watercolor, graphite, or dry pastel. When mixed with acrylics, Liquitex Modeling Paste acts as a weak tinting white and increases the thickness and rigidity of the acrylic color. It adheres to any non-oily, absorbent surface and dries to the hardness of stone. When dry, it can even be chiseled, carved, or drilled. Liquitex Acrylic Modeling Paste comes in a variety of jar sizes, from 8 oz. to 1 gal.

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size: 16 oz.
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Rated by: D G. in Lynnwood, WA
Liguitex modeling paste is great. I have used it for multiple applications, it works wonderfully and it does everything I want it to do. I would definitely purchase it again. Shipping was very fast and reasonable also.
Rated by: Linda L. in Scarsdale, NY
I learned to use this medium in my adult education acrylic painting class. Love the ability it gives me to layer and add a third dimension to my work. Leaves and petals on flowers, crags to rocks, etc.
Rated by: Chuan-Chi C. in New Haven, CT
Really helpful for creating texture.
Rated by: Tabitha F. in Freeport, OH
This stuff is amazing! It gives a wonderful finish to models and provides extra support when needed. It responds beautifully to sanding and looks great tinted with colors.
Rated by: Kari C. in Valencia, CA
This is by far the best modeling paste I have used. The other brands are thinner than this one. This is equal to the Winsor and Newton HEAVY modeling paste.
Rated by: Stephen E. in Platteville, WI
I've never used this product before. It works fantastic for creating texture. I recommend this for anyone wanting to build up their paint!
Rated by: Erica T. in Tallahassee, FL
great for building textures!
Rated by: jan s. in Fenton, MI
just found this product, and i LOVE it. i can use it in so many applications. i have found myself testing its limits, as to what i can use it on, and how i can manipulate it. i am having a great time with it !! i have read that model horse builders use it, too !!
Rated by: Rebecca C. in Mesa, AZ
Great product for scrapbooking, used with stencil adds a lot of dimension. Easy to use, low price for the amount of product.
Rated by: L JoAnn G. in Los Osos, CA
My students used the modeling paste with acrylic paint to prepare chipboard for model building. The effects were fantastic.
Rated by: April G. in Enfield, CT
Absolutely love it!! I used it (with a stencil) for dimension and texture in my scrapbook/altered book, I can't wait to try it with some screen or chicken wire for more cool texture as well! Can't recommend it enough!!
Rated by: Sheli T. in Orlando, FL
I was very pleased with my results when I used this product for my "wall linen" project. I am a big fan of TLC and when I saw this example which combines modeling paste and sand to form a linen-like texture, I immediately sought an inexpensive but quality paste. This is it and I will continue to use it whenever I create new "linen" projects.
Rated by: adriana p. in summit, NJ
I have been using this product for the past ten years it is just wonderful.
Rated by: Sr. Marie-Emmanuel L. in Puyallup, WA
This is the finest modeling paste on the market. Shapes with relative ease. Sands nicely, if desired. For anyone doing dimensional work, this product is a must.
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