So Big Watercolor Set

Product Description

Set of 4 oversized pans for younger children. Washable formula. Also, includes a student grade watercolor brush. Contains blue, yellow, red and green. Recommended for kids 3 and up

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description: watercolor set
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Rated by: Ruth L. in Bowling Green, KY
These are fantastic. My daughter and I tried the more traditional (8 color ?) pallettes of watercolor paint and though the colors are nice…the paints don't last for very long. Also, this set is ideal for "exploring" the sticky paints…and she can use her brushes or her fingers. She's almost 3 and loves to paint…I wish they had more of these in the stores. But I'm really glad I found it here. Thanks!
Rated by: Cheryl R. in Keller, TX
These are great paints for my 22-month old daughter. They are easy to use and most importantly, easy to clean!
Rated by: Laurie S. in Hudson, MA
this paint set is excellent- great for little hands and big brushes!!
Rated by: Camie O. in Atlanta, GA
This is great for small kids. Even my 9 month old is able to use it!!
Rated by: dave f. in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Now, finally one that kids can actually use without trouble. I wish this had been around about 30 years ago.
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