Hunt Artists' Pen Nibs--Crow Quill No. 102

Product Description

America's most popular art pen. Superfine and flexible. Made from the finest steel and handcrafted in the USA. Pen holder sold separately. Use with # 102 Crow Quill Pen Holder.

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(based on 10 reviews)


Rated by: "cc" A. in Johnstown, PA
So pleased to find the crow quill nibs - my choice for fine detailed pen/ink art. Excellent service from start to finish. Packaged perfectly - arrived in no time! I will be back!
Rated by: Lisa M. in Okemos, MI
Nibs came quickly. So far they all work just dandy. Not always the case with 102s. At least for the fine light line I like to achieve.
Rated by: john r. in Chicago, IL
I use 102s as my main pen point, so I needed to buy in bulk. I like to create linear and cursive line weights as well as capture fine detail. Thanks to's fast service, I shall return. The nibs are excellent.
Rated by: Don N. in Hinckley, IL
Fit nicely in Speedball holder. Good drawing nib.
Rated by: Josh H. in glendora, CA
great nibs
Rated by: Laura P. in Annapolis, MD
These crow quill nibs were actually how I found Mister Art. I was looking for a present for an artist I knew who had long lamented that no art store in the area carried crow quills, or had even heard of them. She was absolutely thrilled to see them -- not only with the fact that they WERE crow quills but also with the quality of the nib. These are useful, she said, for when you want a flexible nib that makes a good, thin line.
Rated by: Walter S. in NYC, NY
Just a comment about They had the penpoints I was looking for at an excellent price and the points arrived in perfect condition in a timely fashion. Thanks, folks As for the penpoints themselves, I enjoyed using them for years. A stiff but flexible nib with superb line variation.
Rated by: Big T. in Anaheim, CA
Nothing gets a line this variable; the look that these nibs produce once you have mastered them is absolutely perfect and crisp. Excellent choice for cartoonists and artists who need a great deal of control over their line work!
Rated by: Leesa D. in NYC, NY
These nibs are great. Tons more control than using a Micron or rapidograph. Buying the box is really good deal.
Rated by: Dave C. in Madison, WI
These were recommended to me. After using micron pens for all my illustration for 5 years and finding them a bit limiting, I decided to switch to quills. Not only are they far superior to micron pens (depending on the type of illustrations you're doing-- I still use mircons for some of my linework), but they're versitile. They tend to tear up paper due to their sharpness, but that may just be the paper and ink I use. A great quill for those new the medium, and one that I'll continue to use as long as I still have use of my arms.
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