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These soft, thick lead pencils have been enhanced with a better bonding process, providing professional, artist quality color while resisting breakage. They provide high blendability, excellent lightfastness, and a smooth laydown that will not scratch. Unmatched in brilliance, Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils are perfect for illustration, renderings, landscape, and portraiture. The pencils are non-toxic, AP certified, and do not contain rainforest wood.

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Rated by: Janet Stewart in Martinsville, IN (46151)
Other than the few that kept breaking as I was sharpening them, I was impressed with the vibrant colors & how they went on so smoothly.
Rated by: Rose W. in Twing Cities, MN
Wonderful! I love these! So bold and wonderful. The only thing I should warn you about is that (just like all pencils) the points still break at times. And if you are pressing down super hard the lead goes by fast. But the texture is the best that I've seen. Wonderful! It's expensive but worth every penny!
Rated by: Sue M. in sarasota, FL
I love, love, love these pencils!! and your selection is awesome!!! thankyou so much for great service. I am very pleased with and will definitely be back. = )
Rated by: Tonya M. in Willcox, AZ
These are beautiful pencils. I was disappointed that they didn't sharpen well and that some sharpeners ate these costly pencils. But I would recommend them.
Rated by: Matt H. in Hanover, PA
The pencils are great. My only complaint is that they often break when you sharpen them, but I've run into this problem with many brands of colored pencils. I highly recommend prismacolor.
Rated by: Hannah H. in Yuba city, CA
I love them! Rich colors, great coverage, I am left wanting for nothing.
Rated by: Terry B. in New River, AZ
Been an artist for over 30 years professionally and still choose this product.
Rated by: John C. in Lexington, KY
No serious artist should be without a set of these pencils. There is nothing that comes remotely close to the quality of these.
Rated by: Keith & Sharon M. in Indio, CA
Normally this is a GREAT product - have used the smaller count sets for years - wonderful product except for last time we ordered the 132 set - the wood on the pencils crumbles and splinters - and are misshapen and bent etc. Tried 2 different sets - worse results on 2nd set - the retailer - is not at fault for this product. Their company is wonderful to work with, has great service etc. Hopefull the manufacturer can correct the problem.
Rated by: Jim C. in Seattle, WA
Great pencils. The colors are vibrant, flow smoothly, and are easy to use. Some of the leads break if sharpened too fine, but all around the best colored pencils out there.
Rated by: Laura R. in Cincinnati, OH
I love the pencils, I just have two minor issues with their packaging. The metal tin the set I got came does not fasten securely enough to keep the pencils from pouring out of the tin in my messenger bag when I travel with them so I have to put an elastic headband, wrapped twice, around the outside of the tin. And, they don't come pre-sharpened, which means you must hold off on that artisitc impulse long enough to hand sharpen them all. On the up side, though, the metal sharpener they come with is a good one.
Rated by: Bill P. in Murrieta, CA
This has been my main colored pencil for many years. Consistent color. Smooth application. I use them for hiliting watercolor sketches when I wish and even for color coding books I read.
Rated by: Darlene T. in Reston, VA
Great colors. Some of the pencil leads are broken within the barrels so I lost a lot of lead sharpeneing them. Important to know that they arrive unsharpened so you leave time to do so before you need to use them.
Rated by: erin h. in Cleveland, OH
I think we all know Prismacolor makes the best, well, everything. These pencils are no exception. Just enough colors to make you feel you don't need to buy more and all in a handy little tin. They are by far the best colored pencils I have been able to find.
Rated by: Erin J. in Saint George, UT
Excellent pencils! New to them, I am still figuring out these pencils... I never liked coloring, but these definitely changed my opinion! :D The only problem that I dislike is that if there is any dust in the air and if it's on the paper...and if you color over it, you see it the specks. XD Sometimes it helped if I lightly erased. Still experimenting and considering purchasing other Prismacolor products.
Rated by: Mendy P. in Lonsdale, MN
Great color but I had problems with the lead breaking out of the pencil.
Rated by: Don H. in Grand Rapids, MI
PRISMACOLOR Pencils are great--the only thing I use--and this is great price for the set.
Rated by: Joyce S. in Twentynine Palms, CA
Prismacolor are my favorite colored pencils
Rated by: Rosa M. in Brooklyn, NY
These pencils bring out the life in my sketches. They are so smooth and the colors are very bold. They are definitely worth every penny. A must have in any artists home.
Rated by: Courtney S. in eldersburg, MD
I will always stand by Prism colors. I have been using them since I was in 10th grade. (I'm a freshman in college) My professor told me, that if I was going to spend the most money on one should be Prisma color pencils. (yes, he told us we needed prisma colors.) I will always stand by this product, great, and smooth, solid colors.
Rated by: Brian D. in Richfield, UT
There is no brand in color pencils with more versatility in ways to buy the product, as Prismacolors. The ease of buying a dozen of any one color is useful, and the fact that sanford makes prismacolor color pencils, watercolor pencils, and solid sticks of color proves this. Also, the Prismacolor Portrait kit is the best all in one kit for portraits in color pencil. ~~ So versatility is where prismacolor excels. The lay itself seems a bit to oily to me, and anytime i have 3 or 4 layers, it seems that one of them always comes off. Eventually I'll find the right paper to fix this phenomenon. The color is not the richest in color pencils. The pencil tips often break on some manual pencil sharpeners. The sheer versatility in this brand is enough to ignore the faults. However, after using Cretacolor for a bit, prismacolor is probably not going to get to many more purchases.
Rated by: Robert F. in Katy, TX
these colors were purchased as a christmas gift for a young lady who loves drawing and painting her graphic designs and drawings. she uses prismacolor pencils all the time and is very pleased with their color and performance.
Rated by: Keily L. in Washington,, DC
The colors are unusually strong for colored pencils. I admit I bought them because this was promised, but I was still surprised. They are not the pasty colors I expect from pencils.
Rated by: Asia E. in anaheim, CA
Outstanding! I went ahead and got the 144 pc limited edition set and it was just outstanding!
Rated by: Wilma H. in Pointblank, TX
Have used the Prismacolour Pencils for many years and they are still #1 in my opinion. Love the new vibrant colours.
Rated by: Cody B. in Moorhead, MN
The soft lead of these pencils makes them very easy to blend, and they come in many vibrant colors as well. They're my first choice for artwork, and I'm very pleased with my results with them. Highly recommended for all artists, beginners to professionals.
Rated by: Ashley C. in Waco, TX
These pencils are a wonderful investment. The price is the cheapest I have found anywhere and the quality of these pencils are excellent! I would recommend them to any art student!
Rated by: Jacqueline K. in Naples, FL
I have purchased this same item (Prisma Color Pencil Set) from Art Supply stores for the past several years and never have I found the price as low as MisterArt. I love these pencils which I use along with the Oil Pastels for more detail and also for stand alone drawings. They are smooth and blend easily - what more could you ask for? A great price for a great product!
Rated by: Margaret T. in Santa Maria, CA
I initially had some reservations about purchasing this set as it was more expensive than any other set I'd looked at, but the smile on my son's face, and the quality of color, etc. was well worth the investment. Excellent!!
Rated by: K. J. in Leslie, MI
Prismacolor is the mighty god of pencils. I've been using Prismacolor pencils for over 4 years, and I would never use any other colored pencil. They may be a little pricy compared to other brands, but the quality is exceptional, making them a must for anyone looking to make more professional-looking colored pencil compositions.
Rated by: Chris M. in Tucson, AZ
The 120 pencil set is the ultimate tool in rendering and graphical composition. There is no equal to Prismacolor's covering and blending capabilities.
Rated by: James H. in Roanoke, VA
As staff artist/co-owner in the screen printing trade you need a versitle tool for renderings, and comps. Prismacolors pencil sets take and make the cake.
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