Colored Pencil Assortments

Product Description

Pre-sharpened, real wood cased pencils.Clear, brilliant colors are long lasting and fade resistant; leads are strong and break resistant. Apply smoothly and blend easily for subtle shades, tints and color mixtures. on-roll, hexagonal barrel shape prevents pencils from rolling off work surface. Ideal for drawing, illustrations, designs, sketches, posters, murals, portraits, and caricatures.

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Rated by: Jenny C in Wiltshire, UK
Pencil leads frequently snap. Sharpening the pencils makes no difference - the leads snap again. Avoid!
Rated by: C. P. in Seattle, WA
Good quality... good price... will purchase again. thank you
Rated by: Kathy L. in New York, NY
Good quality pencils for kids under 4.
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