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Made by hand since 1900, Sennelier extra fine soft pastels are sure to be appreciated by any artist. They are water soluble and have an unparalleled softness and pigment intensity, allowing the gentilest of strokes to deliver a solid, powerful line of brilliant color. Half sticks. Set of 20 contains 250 viridian, 212 reseda gray green, 256 viridian, 603 lemon yellow, 99 naples yellow, 341 bright yellow, 191 hot brown, 104 mummy, 6 red brown, 525 white, 83 vermilion, 378 burnt madder, 940 violet purple, 266 lake brown, 37 lead orange, 681 helios red, 353 cobalt blue, 388 ultramarine deep, 288 prussian blue and 513 ivory black.Set of 40 contains 158 bronze green deep, 212 reseda gray green, 508 raw sienna, 61 bistre, 104 mummy, 16 flesh ochre, 115 yellow ochre, 439 van dyck brown, 409 van dyck violet, 525 white, 148 lawn green, 205 apple green, 602 lemon yellow, 603 lemon yellow, 600 lemon yellow, 99 naples yellow, 297 cadmium yellow light, 341 bright yellow, 127 golden ochre, 6 red brown, 333 blue violet, 940 violet purple, 944 violet purple, 378 madder carmine, 83 vermilion, 37 lead orange, 681 helios red, 266 lake brown, 406 van dyck violet, 191 hot brown, 513 ivory black, 500 blue gray green, 288 prussian blue, 620 sapphire blue, 388 ultramarine deep, 353 cobalt blue, 356 cobalt blue, 261 cerulean blue, 256 viridian and 252 viridian.

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set: set of 40
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(based on 7 reviews)


Rated by: BMW in Albuquerque, NM
This is my first foray into pastels, and this product has exceeded my expectations. It was delivered promptly and in good condition. I'm very happy with the colors included but it has left me wanting even more colors!
Rated by: melanie b. in vero beach, FL my opinion, the softness and brilliance of Sennelier cannot be beat - the final touch to make your painting dance!
Rated by: mitzie m. in Columbus, OH
These are very very soft and the colors are rich and brilliant. My first time to use them but I will definitely buy again.
Rated by: PAUL R. in Urbana, OH
When you want to add the final touch to your painting, Sennelier is the way to go. It always brings your pastel to life.
Rated by: Michlen M. in Louisville, KY
Excellent product!!! Very soft with wonderful results
Rated by: Helen F. in Minden, NV
These are great to put your finishing highlights on your pastel painting. They really give it the punch needed
Rated by: Paula M. in Groton, CT
Senneliers are among the finest made. The work responds to the ease of laying down the color and the color is the most brilliant and inspiring.
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