ExtravOrganza Fabric Sheets

Product Description

ExtravOrganza is a semi-transparent silk organza fabric sheet that is paper backed to run through an inkjet printer or inkjet copier. Easy to use and extremely versatile, ExtravOrganza sheets allow you to layer transparent images over the top of other artwork without blocking them. ExtravOrganza sheets are great for use with scrapbooking, card making, tag art, ribbons, wearable art, and more. Sold in a pack of five 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. sheets.

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unit: pack of 5
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Rated by: Susan H. in Northampton, MA
Pricey, but worth it. I keep coming back for more of these printable fabric sheets. The silk fabric is beautiful and the sheet runs through my ink jet printer with ease - the results have never let me down...I use it in collage and in sewing projects - Gorgeous!
Rated by: Melissa F. in Fredericksburg, VA
Absolutely perfect for pictures! They don't bleed, and are very easy to work with. I've bought plenty more for more projects and gifts!
Rated by: Barb V. in Pompano Beach, FL
These are great for fabric collage. Worth every cent.
Rated by: Kathy K. in Raisin Twp, MI
I purchased this product for an art-related quilt project. It worked perfectly/as envisioned. I've recommended it to my entire quilt group.
Rated by: Janice S. in Spring Branch, TX
This product allows you to give your projects customization that truly impresses others! The Lumiere acrylic paint also works well on the Organza fringe to create an beautiful "frame".
Rated by: Loris B. in Thousand Oaks, CA
I was very pleased at how this went through my inkjet printer. It is also strong enough to be easily sewn to cotton fabric. Very impressive!
Rated by: Diana R. in Edmonds, WA
My first impression? WOW! I really liked the results when I printed some small color photos out on the Extravorganza. I had been wanting to use the product for some time, and I must say I was VERY impressed with my first try. I have given a sheet of the Extravorganza to a sister-in-law and I phoned her this evening to tell her how wonderful I thought it was- she will be using her sheet soon, I'm sure. I would most certainly buy more when I run out of it, but I bought two packages so that may be a while...
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