No.106 White Paper for Sketching & Tracing

Product Description

These lightweight sketching papers are used by architects, designers, and engineers. Perfect for idea sketching, preliminary detail drawings, quick roughs, etc., yet satisfactory for reproduction copies when required. Excellent with pencil, crayon, and tempera. Good with ink. 8 lb.

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size: 12 in. x 20 yd. roll
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size: 12 in. x 50 yd. roll
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Item #12176
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size: 14 in. x 50 yd. roll
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size: 18 in. x 20 yd. roll
Manu #340121
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size: 18 in. x 50 yd. roll
Manu #340136
Item #81913
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size: 24 in. x 20 yd. roll
Manu #340123
Item #48744
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size: 24 in. x 50 yd. roll
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size: 36 in. x 50 yd. roll
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(based on 23 reviews)


Rated by: Robt. B. in Mendham, NJ
An invaluable tool for refining your finished pieces. The best bargain in tracing paper is here! Think roll, and not pad!
Rated by: Linda J. in Lake Mary, FL
I use this product for tracing sewing patterns. It works perfectly!
Rated by: Linda S. in Reading, PA
Our architects, designers, and engineers say this is the best!
Rated by: Richard C. in Wilmington, DE
Package delivered on time. Price excellent. Total satisfaction with the company and with the product.
Rated by: Irene H. in Paradise, CA
I have been looking for paper to copy master patterns when sewing. This paper is great! The width is the perfect size. I've brought the roll in to my sewing group so everyone else can order it!
Rated by: ThyraAnn C. in Spring Valley, CA
Product is great, the best that I have used yet, perfect for sewing patterns. Thanks so much.
Rated by: Linda G. in Mt. Vernon, TX
Love this tracing paper for large projects. Very thin and was able to clearly trace out a very complex family tree. Mail-out was fast and I rec'ed. the items I ordered in record time. Very pleased.
Rated by: barbara w. in dana point, CA
Big fan of this lightweight sketching paper. No bleed. Also, roll is wider so that the paper does not curl too much when nearing the end of your roll. Will not use anything else.
Rated by: Mary D. in Picayune, MS
This paper is perfect for tracing sewing patterns. So far I've used it for tracing Ottobre patterns, Farbenmix and Kwik Sew patterns. It's the BEST!
Rated by: Brandon J. in Stillwater, OK
Great quality for rough sketch and trace work! Would definitely buy from again!
Rated by: Nancy W. in Visalia, CA
I purchased this tracing paper for drafting and tracing sewing patterns. I have used a variety of different tracing mediums before, but this is the absolute best! The weight is substantial, yet the transparency is excellent! The price is a good value and the shipping was fast. I couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely reorder this product from Mr. Art again.
Rated by: Cheryl G. in Magnolia, DE
I ordered this for my 1 year old to color on. We just cut off a piece a few yards long, tape it too the floor and she colors away. The extra large size is great for her (and saves me from having to wash crayon marks off my floor!). A wonderful product at a wonderful price!!
Rated by: Suzane K. in Merced, CA
Good price, good performance.
Rated by: Katie L. in Raleigh, NC
This was exactly what I was looking for and at a great price. The delivery was on time and I will definitely order supplies from them again.
Rated by: Danielle D. in New York, NY
This is perfect paper for pattern drafting. It is very sheer you durable--perfect for tissue fitting new patterns.
Rated by: Carrie G. in Chico, CA
This is the ONLY type of sketching/trace paper that my designer and architect will allow me to purchase for them. Nothing compares to the quality - - try it and you'll be sure to love it!
Rated by: Julie L. in Howell, NJ
I have to use tracing paper a lot for projects and it costs a lot of money in many art supply stores. My friend recommended this site and the price was a lot less, even with the shipping cost!
Rated by: Janelle T. in Littlerock, CA
This paper is wonderful for tracing sewing patterns onto. Permanent markers do not bleed through--making alteration markings a breeze. The customer service provided by this company was outstanding and the product arrived in a very timely manner.
Rated by: Elizabeth K. in Haddonfield, NJ
This tracing paper was very hard to find, when I went to web site, it was very easy to locate and purchase on-line. I will definitely return to for future purchases.
Rated by: Angela F. in Bozeman, MT
Excellent! : Service (very friendly and helpful), Delivery (timing and packaging), Quality of product, Consistently accurate (you get what you order - no more, no less).
Rated by: Angela F. in Bozeman, MT
Speedy delivery. Excellent condition. Friendly service. THANK YOU!
Rated by: Elizabeth K. in Haddonfield, NJ
My Company recently started ordering supplies from I have to express that we are very satisfied with the fast delivery and also the competitive prices. I never heard of, a friend told me about it and I am very glad he did. Thank you.
Rated by: Elley Z. in Ironwood, MI
This is a wonderful tracing paper! I use it for many different things. It is also great for pattern drafting and sewing, the marks are very easy to see and markers don't bleed through. Great!
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