Acrylic Flow Aid

Product Description

Acrylic Flow Aid improves the flow, absorption, and blending of any water-soluble paint, medium, ink, or dye. It minimizes brush marks by reducing the friction of paint application and helps cover large areas with smooth color. On non-absorbent surfaces, Liquitex Flow Aid increases the fluidity and drying time of acrylic paint. On absorbent surfaces, it acts as a stain, dye, or watercolor.

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size: 4 oz. bottle
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(based on 6 reviews)


Rated by: James Clay G. in Jacksonville, FL
I am very pleased with Liquitex Flow Aid. This was my first time trying it. It works better than water. I also found that adding a few drops on paint that had become slightly tacky from being left on the palette too long, was brought back to life.
Rated by: Erica T. in tallahassee, FL
great flow aid for paints
Rated by: Richard R. in Alamogordo, NM
I don't know how I can recommend this product enough. It's fantastic. I paint miniatures and models with a variety of acrylic paint brands. LIQUITEX Acrylic Flow Aid has made a huge difference in the smooth flow of all my paints. I have had no problems mixing with Vallejo, Apple Barrel, Createx, Games Workshop and other brands of paint. In every case, my paint flowed much smoother and brush marks were completely eliminated. I also use a diluted mix of flow enhancer to thin my paints while working. The bottle closes well and allows for drop by drop measuring of the flow enhancer. In fact the bottle is so good, I keep my empties to use for mixing other solutions. (I paint a lot!) All around a really great product. I can't imagine painting without it.
Rated by: Scott T. in Indianapolis, IN
This item is VERY good. The bottle was designed well to control the flow of the product out of the bottle. This allows you to put as many drops as you would like where you want it. For small amounts of paint this is great. I would recommend this product as it this the paint QUITE well while still drying in an even fashion. I liked the product as well as how it was packaged.
Rated by: Monica M. in Dallas, TX
I agree w/the reviewer before me...this beats water for thinning acrylics any day.
Rated by: Guillaume C. in Huntington, NY
I will not use plain water any more. Use it with acrylic paints to thin and give a smooth very thin layer.
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