16 Inch Hi-Cube Utility Box With Lift-Out Tray
by SoHo

Product Description

This extra roomy box holds everything but the table you do your project on! The lift-out tray has two 3 in. x 14 1/2 in. compartments that are 1 in. deep and a carrying handle makes it a very handy tote to keep on the table top with the tools and colors you use most. Box includes an easy-close latch that stays closed and a retractable handle. Gray. The utility box measures 16 in. x 7 in. x 8 1/4 in.

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description: utility box
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(based on 5 reviews)


Rated by: Marlena M. in McAfee, NJ
Perfect size. It holds all my painting supplies. It so good to get organized and this box helped
Rated by: Jen R. in Chadds Ford, PA
I was looking for an opaque storage box for my aromatherapy essential oils, since they are sensitive to light. Aromatherapy supply sites had special wooden boxes that ranged from $35 for a small box to $100 for a large one... and they would have been impossible to clean! This box is just what I was looking for. I could also see using it for hundreds of other craft projects on my shelves!
Rated by: Rene P. in San Ramon, CA
Perfect-size box to store most a reasonable supply of brushes, paint and medium tubes and jars up to 8-ounce sizes. Each item easily accessible thanks to removable upper tray with convenient handle.
Rated by: Moe V. in New Hope, PA
I used this box to store all of my architecture supplies and tools in. I was able to fit my scale and my straight edge and other materials inside the box with room for my hot glue gun, modeling materials and other large items. The lift out tray was perfect for my various pencils and pens and exacto knifes. The box makes it super easy for effective organization and for safe storage. Easy to store all of my things in one place.
Rated by: Monica H. in Fayetteville, NC
Great product...lots of storage room...fast delivery!
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