13 Inch See-Thru Storage Tote With Tray
by SoHo

Product Description

This box provides 440 cubic inches of portable, stackable and visible storage. The one compartment lift-out tray acts as a removable attic for smaller items. Also features convenient self-locking latch and padlock tabs to secure the contents. Measures 13 in. x 7 in. x 6 1/4 in. Tray colors vary.

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description: see-thru storage box
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Rated by: Patricia C. in Casey, IL
These are great organizers, easy to lift fill and stack. The fact that they are see thru lets you know what is inside before you open. I bought ten for shelf organizers.
Rated by: Trudy A. in Pueblo, CO
I am into the Fiskers Parchment card making, this tote is great, everything fits, light box, and the tray holds the tools needed. Everything is in one place and can see what craft is inside.
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