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No. 107 Wood Carving Tools

No. 107 Wood Carving Tools

Product Description

Five 4 1/2 in. gouges with hardwood handles shaped to fit the hand, made of fine grade steel with ground-honed edges. Ideal for linoleum or wood block engraving.

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set of 5
unit: set of 5
MPN: WC-107
Item: #52715
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5 Star Rating

(based on 4 reviews)


5 Star Rating
Rated by: Donna G. in St. Augustine, FL
I have tried many wood carving tools, but none have come close to this set. I have had mine for nearly 10 years. They still perform like the day I used them. If I need to sharpen them it is an easy task. The heavy blunt rounded handle makes it easy to push on your sculpture without cramping your hands. In my opion - these are the best.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Andy K. in Bradenton, FL
These woodcut tools are wonderful. I have already made ten prints with them. Very versatile and sharp, almost effortless. To top it off, the handles are amazing, they fit very snug in you palm. A great product.
4 Star Rating
Rated by: Rodrigo R. in Santiago, Chile, AK
Be Careful, they are very sharp. I used them for linoleum and wood. They carve gently and precise. The angle of the blade and the wood knob makes them easy to handle.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Robert M. in cooper, ME
My wife got these for me for my birthday and they are the best tools I've used for my wood carving. I like the way they fit in the palm of my hands. It makes it a lot easier to put preasure on the tool with out hurting the hands. They are put togeather well. I don't know way I didn't buy them sooner.
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