Boneware Self-Hardening Clay

Product Description

Boneware Self-Hardening Clay stays soft when wet and becomes bone hard when dry. No firing or baking is necessary. When not in use, Boneware can be kept pliable simply by covering it with a damp cloth. Boneware may be decorated with tempera, oil paints, and enamels. It’s packed moist and ready to use.

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color: stone gray
size: 25 lb.
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color: stone gray
size: 50 lb.
Manu #578C
Item #59518
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Rated by: barbara mclaren in Boulevard ca.
Such a good product. I really don't have the time to fire my sculptures, so this is great. It seems more natural. I like rustic.. I like easy..My hat is off to the creator of this clay.
Rated by: Ryan O, in Macungie, PA
I use this clay for decorative bird sculpture and it is amazing. It definitely dries rock hard, and has a smooth consistency not like a lot of other air dry clays that have a good deal of "grit" in them. It holds details very, very well and is easy to form and carve. Just keep it moist with wet paper towels and in a ziploc bag until done and you will be very happy.
Rated by: Judith R. in New York, NY
This clay is perfect for sculpture, it's easy to handle and the delivery of the clay was fast and easy to order. I will definitely order clay from you again because the process was easy.
Rated by: Susan D. in Plainfield, IL
I teach kids ages 6-14, & all were able to easily work with this clay to make some great projects from candle holders with star & moon cut-outs to draped pieces in the shape of fish & leaves!
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