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Metal Block Hand Printing Press

Metal Block Hand Printing Press

Product Description

With a single push, this compact hand press produces prints up to 6 in. x 8 in. The press features an innovative design that provides uniform pressure every time. It's perfect for small runs, cards, and school projects.

Constructed of solid steel, the press has an attractive, black powder cast finish.

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hand press
description: hand press
MPN: 694097
Item: #RIC0406
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2 Star Rating

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1 Star Rating
Rated by: sam in Walnut Creek CA
Rate this as Minus -500….This press is crap!!! Does not work at all! Do not waste your money!
1 Star Rating
Rated by: Michelle B. in S.F., CA
This press does not print linocuts at all! All I got was a faded ink impression when I pressed the handle on the press. I could not even get an answer on how to use it from the Jack Richeson helpline. No instructions came with the package either. I wasted my money!
1 Star Rating
Rated by: Liz W. in Chicago, IL
I purchased this hand press for basic home letterpress projects. There is no way to hold paper or letterpress plates in place while printing. The arm does not allow for uniform impressions. The press does not even have feet to prevent it from slipping across a table or workbench. All in all, a complete waste of money and time. Do not buy.
2 Star Rating
Rated by: Scott N. in seattle, WA
Disappointing. On the cheap and flimsy side. I put it's true value at about $22.95, tops. I'd rather pay more and get a quality device that would last. I would not buy this again.
3 Star Rating
Rated by: Michelle B. in San Francisco, CA
I don't understand how this press can make uniform, strongly inked block prints. Where do you position the block? How exactly do you press on it? I keep getting weak prints. Someone tell me how! There's no info on the package, and the # to call tells me nothing.
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