Block Printing Starter Kit

Block Printing Starter Kit

Product Description

The Super Value Block Printing Starter Kit contains the essentials needed to get started in block printing. Perfect for beginners, students, or artists, the kit is fun and easy to use! It comes with and easy to follow instruction booklet and also includes:

  • 4 in. x 6 in. Speedy-Carve Block
  • Lino Handle
  • #1 Cutter, #2 Cutter, and #5 Cutter
  • 1.25 oz. tube of black, water-soluble Block Printing Ink
  • #49 Soft Pop-in Brayer (4 in. wide)
  • Block Printing Instruction Booklet

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4 Star Rating

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4 Star Rating
Rated by: Jess A. in athens, GA
While the tray was a little bit damaged, everything else in the kit was exactly as described. The small amount of damage to the tray doesn't impact its effectiveness. If it bothers you anyway, you can always use a glass baking dish instead of the styrofoam tray.
3 Star Rating
Rated by: Lauren C. in Ramona, CA
The Speedball kit was a little disappointing. The tray was completely detroyed by the linoleum block that came nested in the kit. It would have been better if the kit included the new "safety cut" linoleum. A more up-to-date and safer product to use. The ink and cutter are fine.
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