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Draw and sketch with confidence and accuracy when you the Art S. Buck male and female artist model mannequins. These models have more than 30 points of articulation and its flexibility allows you to create a full range of human movement. The highly durable gray plastic body has true human proportions in 1/6 scale. The male and female heads have generic facial features and the hands have distinctive, expressive fingers to aid with your detailed drawing studies. Each 12 in. tall figure comes with a custom stand featuring the Art S. Buck logo. This durable plastic stand has a circular base, measuring approximately 4.5 in. wide with a plastic stem that houses a height-adjustable wire holder.

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Rated by: Denis Michael R. in Long Beach, CA
Very fine models from which to draw, almost TOO lifelike in many ways!
Rated by: Allison R. in St Louis, MO
Those stiff asexual wooden mannequins never really helped me. But these guys are amazing! They can take realistic poses, have real human proportions, and have joints that can bend past 90 degrees.
Rated by: S. A. N. in Quartz Hill, CA
She scratches her head while he practises Kung Fu Karate...I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't set it up for myself. What great mannequins!
Rated by: Lisa A. in Snohomish, WA
This model came to my attention when an artist friend of mine described hers. I never got much use from the wooden models except general position, and found them frustating to work with. Not so these realistic mannikens which not only show joints, but musculature and features (fingers on hands, facial placement, etc). More like using a live model! Great product and great pricing!
Rated by: Lorie H. in Dedham, MA
These are awesome, you can escape and pose them and they can reflect your relationship.I pose them in diffrent ways to see what looks best to draw my art.I also let HIM see what shape we are in if I pose them together or far apart :)I sit her on his lap and they kiss and it makes a great picture , LOL I may get more as I have noticed they get weak when you pose them too much.... I love them and and wonder if there are any children ones available ?
Rated by: Terri T. in Placerville, CA
I love these models. Fantastic to draw from; they give a realistic view of what the male and female musculature looks like and you can pose these things in so many ways. If you don't have a live model, these are the next best thing. And if you'd like to see these models clothed (instead of imagining it) the newer wider waisted barbie doll's clothes fit the female model pretty well. I haven't tried clothing the male model yet.
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