Interior Design Wheel

Product Description

A guide to colors that harmonize for interior design. The Interior Design Wheel gives home decorators a guide for selecting complementary colors for interior design. The wheel illustrates split complementary, monochromatic, and harmonized color schemes. Packed in a sleeve for insertion in a three-ring binder. 8 1/2 in. x 11 in. (21.6 cm x 28 cm) in protective three-ring binder sleeve.

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description: interior design color wheel
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Rated by: M. McCarthy in South FLA.
Although we are not professional interior designers, this wheel has it all. From do-it-youselfers to students, hobbyists to professionals, this color wheel suits all needs. We love it!
Rated by: Diana H. in Blacksburg, SC
Just what I was looking for. It helped with my dilemma of painting a huge great room which is a living room, dining room and home office. The color wheel helped me define each area as its own using by harmonious wall colors.
Rated by: Alan T. in Los Angeles, CA
Great fast service, and excellent product. It's a great resource for all artists.
Rated by: Jane S. in Carrollton, TX
We use the color wheel in our franchisee drapery training. The order was received in record breaking time. Thank you for your excellent product and service.
Rated by: Charlotte D. in Albany, OR
Good product. I'm using it to teach my granddaughter about color schemes. Great turn around time, too. Thanks!!
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