Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment Sets

Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment Sets

Product Description

Non-toxic, powdered pigments that exhibit extreme colorfastness and stability. They are ideal for interior, exterior and archival applications, and can be incorporated into nearly every art process. Pearl Ex pigments can be mixed into any viscous medium including all paints, varnish, airbrush paints, polymer clay, etc. They can also be applied dry to wood, ceramics, paper, wax, or any porous surface. Neutral pH makes these excellent for stamping or embossing. Temperature resistance allows them to be fired in a kiln up to 600 degrees.

Use Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments to simulate metallic sheens, shimmering pearlescents, leather, antique metal, raku pottery, hammered copper, and more.

Set of six jars includes one each of pearl white (0.75 oz.), super copper (0.75 oz.), sparkle gold (0.75 oz.), antique silver (0.75 oz.), interference blue (0.50 oz) and duo violet-brass (0.50 oz.).

Set of thirty-two 1/8 oz. jars includes one each of micro pearl, pearl white, macro pearl, red russet, super russet, super copper, brilliant gold, sparkle gold, Aztec gold, antique gold, antique bronze, antique copper, antique silver, silver, super bronze, sunset gold, interference red, interference blue, interference green, interference violet, interference gold, duo red-blue, duo green-purple, duo violet-brass, bright yellow, flamingo pink, spring green, turquoise, true blue, misty lavender, blue russet and solar gold.

Colors also available individually.

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5 Star Rating

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5 Star Rating
Rated by: NIVEA G. in SAN JUAN, PR
This product fulfilled my expectations as for the quality, I delight and that I am going to give very good use in my works of polymer clay. What I did not like was the size of every flask, for the price that they have they are very little.
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