Butcher Tray

Product Description

Porcelain enamel finish baked onto steel construction for a very durable and extremely smooth surface that is easy to clean. These traditional butcher trays feature one large mixing area with a slightly convex center so that water will run to the edge. Perfect for dry brush technique in watercolor or gouache, where less water is desired when mixing colors. Size and style slightly vary from manufacturer's description. Size will measure within an inch of manufacturer description, and the sides are either perpendicular to the bottom and 1 inch tall or they are slightly angled to the bottom and 1 1/4 inch tall.

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size: 11 in. x 15 in.
shape: oblong
color: white
Manu #400240
Item #61893
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size: 13 in. x 17 in.
shape: oblong
color: white
Manu #400238
Item #11407
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size: 7 1/2 in. x 11 in.
shape: oblong
color: white
Manu #400239
Item #34469
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(based on 10 reviews)


Rated by: Mary A in Michigan
I LOVE my tray - I got the large one (lots of room for mixing ) but I think I might order the smaller one too!
Rated by: John B. in Bethlehem, PA
The Jack Richeson Butcher Tray is excellent for watercolors. Colors can be mixed and arranged on the large tray surface without pooling and spreading as would happen on plastic palettes. A plus is the dimensions of tray fit perfectly on typical portable "t.v." tray which is perfect for plein air.
Rated by: Tina M. in Ludlow, KY
Thank you so much! Quality and price are both great! I highly recommend MisterArt.com!!
Rated by: Mona M. in Atlanta, GA
First Time Order- We had all the specs. Service was quick & received quick- Excellent Quality. We will be shopping again.
Rated by: Caroline W. in Gilbert, AZ
I checked around and priced before purchasing... will use your company again.
Rated by: Karan G. in Birdsboro, PA
The price and quality is great; they are so useful for all craft and art projects.
Rated by: Jeanne D. in Haiku, HI
Excellent for watercolor too.
Rated by: Janice S. in Fremont, CA
Lately I have been teaching painting in Gouache and find these butcher trays are a great palette for the opaque paints that dry quickly. The artist can put out fresh paint for each use.
Rated by: Eileen B. in Madison, AL
I bought two trays for convenience. I like to spread out. I love them for blending large amounts of color. They're just what my friends use.
Rated by: Robert S. in North Port, FL
I love the butcher's tray. It is so easy to clean the paint out of it.
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