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Original formula Grumtine is a strong, effective, finest quality oil painting medium and solvent for cleaning brushes with the pleasant fragrance of natural orange rind. More effective than turpentine as a thinner and in the preparation of mediums. Add directly to colors or mediums for thinning. Soak brushes well to remove color.

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size: 2 1/2 oz.
Manu #538-2
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Rated by: Tarry B. in Des Moines, IA
I ran across Grumtine 35 years ago and have used nothing else ever since. If you paint in oils you need to try it, if you haven't already.
Rated by: Rachel K. in Mobile, AL
Grumtine is the best solvent I have used in over forty years of oil painting. Grumtine is consistently better at prolonging the life of fine russian sable brushes. Grumtine also has a wonderful orange fragrance and is wonderful for thinning oil paints. I never use any other solvent, because Grumtine is the finest.
Rated by: Heidi G. in Saline, MI
Grumtine is hard to come by in some cities, I'm discovering. I find it the ONLY thinner to work well with other mediums as a base to blend with oil paint. And because of it's pleasant scent, it is not offensive for use with ongoing projects in people's homes.
Rated by: M.G. P. in Sacramento, CA
I too am a china painter and most of the painters in our club have started using Grumtine. It is much easier to breath than turpintine and works as well or better.
Rated by: Jane M. K. in Geneseo, IL
My mother has been china painting for over 20 years. She is allergic to turpentine and this is the only product she has found that works well as a substitute.
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