Denatured Alcohol

Product Description

Can be used for many studio purposes such as cleaning. Also used as a fuel in alcohol burning lamps and stoves.

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size: 32 oz.
Manu #DNA-QT
Item #72485
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(based on 5 reviews)


Rated by: Steve G. in Elliston, VA
This is a great product to use to mix stains for finishing or refinishing tobacco pipes.
Rated by: William F. in Macon, GA
I have trouble finding denatured alcohol locally to burn in my fondue burner. I found this online and it works great.
Rated by: mike m. in Atlanta, GA
I bought it to take ball point ink stains out of some clothes - works like a champ. Got it at cause it's best (and just about only) buy.
Rated by: Phillip C. in Greenville, SC
I use Crown denatured alcohol to thin, blend. and clean - up of leather dye. Crown is a good quality product. I buy it from because they do not charge the huge shipping charge that most dealers do. Plus they provide fast considerate service.
Rated by: Jerrod D. in Columbus, OH
What can I say? its denatured alcohol. If you are an artist who works with wax or castilene, then this stuff is GREAT! it burns clean in mini alcohol lamps used to heat your tools for wax prototype carving! it can also be used in alcohol torches for direct heating of wax. Burns clean NO SOOT to dirty your sculpture. Stop using candles and get this stuff and an alcohol lamp. its cheap and will last a loooong time. these people ship FAST!!
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