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All purpose casein emulsion paint. It dries with a matte, velvet like finish. Ideal for commercial art and window displays as well as sketches, transparencies, posters, interior and exterior decorations. Also good for hobby painting and model makers. It adheres well to paper, cardboard, wood, plaster, and metal. Paintings intended to be long lasting should be coated with air drying lacquer. stir before use. Dilute with water. Non-fade, waterproof. Plaka comes in 1.7-ounce (50 ml) bottles.

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Rated by: Lillian J. in santa barbara, CA
This is a wonderful product, and rather hard to find, but I find it essential in my painting.
Rated by: mary f. in ellensburg, WA
this product works great when covering over gold leafing for traditional icon painting.
Rated by: Lindsay S. in Baton Rouge, LA
Works great! Has wonderful covering power and an awsome finish. Recommend to all.
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