Acrylic Retarder

Product Description

Retarder is an additive used to increase the open (drying) time of acrylic paints. Useful for wet in wet techniques and reducing skinning on the palette.

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Rated by: Karen P. in Bombay, NY
After 'seeding' my painter's ability in oils, my greater desire is to unleash in acryllic medium. My smooth transpositioning of spirits into evening the palette of primary colors, now intesified, beyond expectation with the Golden Retarder product. ' from; "Not too extreme my exilaration", "and satisfied custom of ''!
Rated by: ian l. in Rawlins, WY
This retarder I use to keep my paint from skimming over. I am involved in a lengthy project and this product keeps my paint useable for a long time.
Rated by: Matt B. in Lost in..., OK
This is for you "hobby" types: I purchased this with the intent of using Tamiya Acrylics in my Iwata Micron CM-B (.18). After adding a few drops to a mixture of Tamiya Color and 91% alcohol my clogging problems are history !!! BTW, The Golden tech rep suggested that I use Golden AB medium INSTEAD of Retarder which did NOT work...(THEY ARE VERY HELPFUL DESPITE THE OUTCOME!) I've tried almost everything and NOTHING works like this stuff ! P.S. Mister Art is great ! Shipping and Packaging rival orders that I have received from Japan! (If you have ever received anything from Rainbow 10, you know what i'm talkin about !) Bye, Bye Dick Blick !!!
Rated by: Melissa K. in Connellsville, PA
This product is extremely useful if you need extra time to manipulate and blend colors/textures/effects...very helpful in creating certain faux effects.
Rated by: Leslie D. in Los Angeles, CA
Golden acrylic products have always been the best to me and this retarder is no different. It gives me the ability to blend smoothly without having to rush (which always means a mess).
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