Deluxe Art Set

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Paint, draw, color and doodle with this 120-piece set. Set contains 24 crayons, 24 oil pastels, 24 colored pencils, 24 colored markers, 12 watercolor cakes, one white watercolor tube, scissors, pencil sharpener, palette, brush, pencil, eraser, sponge, ruler, and two clips all packaged in a plastic case with snap closure. Not intended for children under 6.

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description: deluxe art set
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Rated by: Grandma Linda in Fairview Heights, IL
I bought this to keep at my house for my grandkids to use at my house. Every time they come over, my 7 year old grandson begs me to let him take it home. He doesn't know it, but he is getting one of them for his birthday. He will be thrilled.
Rated by: Elizabeth M. in Powder Springs, GA
Art set was purchased for the girls and they love it. The set gets its daily use by at least one of them.
Rated by: Molly M. in Chantillly, VA
This is a great set, it includes everything we needed for a drawing or general art class.
Rated by: Mary S. in Waterford, WI
Great starter kit for the budding artist. I would have love to have one of these sets when I was a kid. It has everything. Great idea to place it in a tote.
Rated by: John H. in Florence, AZ
I got the set for a little friend of mine. She likes it very much. Started using it right away and is sending me pictures she makes. Her parents have thanked me because she can take it anywhere and helps her to fill in otherwise boring times. I also sent her some a drawing pad so she is all set. Thank you very much.
Rated by: melissa s. in center line, MI
we were overwhelmed....the art kits were stunning....the boys loved them....if we ever are in need of any art supplies again....we know exactly where to get them.... thank you so much for making our valentines day so very special...
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