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Unfold the Secrets of Kirigami Kit

Unfold the Secrets of Kirigami Kit

Product Description

Amazingly simple. Incredibly beautiful. Now you can unfold the secrets of this ancient craft and create exquisite paper decorations! Choose from a variety of brilliant solid-colored, rainbow swirl and opalescent paper, and over 30 different patterns.

Follow simple fold-and-cut instructions to make bright red cherry blossoms, shiny snowflakes, and fluffy clouds. Then graduate to intricate giftwrap and three-dimensional ornaments – or try inventing your own Kirigami designs.

The kit contains 58 sheets of Origami paper – 30 sheets of solid-colored paper, 24 sheets of rainbow swirl paper, and four sheets of opalescent paper – and a 20 page illustrated step-by-step instruction book.

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kirigami kit
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