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KidzMaker Make Your Own Llama Doll
by 4M

KidzMaker Make Your Own Llama Doll

Product Description

Make a furry friend! Transform a few simple items into an adorable fuzzy llama doll while learning some basic design and crafting skills. Using a pre-cut cardboard template and stuffing, you can easily create the shape of this 24 cm tall llama. Plus, decorate your new handmade doll with colorful felt, strings, and beads to make a lovely, furry companion that you can cherish for life.

The kit contains 4 pre-cut cardboard templates, 3 pre-cut felt shapes, 1 spool of embroidery thread, 9 beads, 6 spools of yarns, 2 plastic needles, stickers, stuffing, and detailed instructions.

For ages 5+

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