Design & Paint Boho Bag

Design & Paint Boho Bag

Product Description

Create a bold and one-of-a-kind fashion accessory using our kid-friendly resist technique that updates a classic craft without using wax or heat.

The kit includes a cotton boho-style bag, 4 bright and permanent fabric paints, resist gel, dimensional gold accent paint, stylish sticker stencils, foam flower sponge, a paintbrush, and latex-free crafting gloves. Use stencils, gel, and paint to create your designs. With this technique, you’ll first apply a stencil design with the resist gel to block the paint from being absorbed in these areas. Next, you will sponge paint a colorful background over the surrounding area or the whole bag. Then wash away the resist gel to reveal the patterns in the negative space. Anywhere resist was applied will remain the natural color of the bag.

The bag measures 9.5 in. w x 8.5 in. h and features a 39 in. adjustable strap. For ages 6+

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