Basic Stepping Stone Kits

Product Description

Create useful and lasting keepsakes with these basic kits that contain everything you need to create your own heart-shaped and square-shaped stepping stones. Kits contain reusable vinyl stepping stone mold, wooden mixing paddle, wooden writing tool, 7 lb. StoneCraft mix, and instructions. Decorate with anything waterproof. Use your own pebbles, shells, tiles, glass, etc, or use the Milestones Mosaic Accessories. Heart mold is 12 in. x 10 in. Square mold is 12 in. x 12 in.

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Rated by: Janelle Y. in Dickinson, ND
I purchased one square kit and two boxes of 8 lb. stepping stone mix and made 5 molds by reusing the mold from the kit. The directions are easy to follow and the stepping stones make wonderful keepsakes.
Rated by: Susan S. in Lebanon, NH
Quick and efficient order processing. Easy to follow directions gave me perfect results. I will definitely buy from again!
Rated by: Terri W. in vernal, UT
I like this kit so well I came back and ordered another one for a gift.
Rated by: Sharon B. in Wyckoff, NJ
Fun and easy to make. Looks attractive in my garden.
Rated by: Ann R. in Charleston, SC
We used this as a father's day present. I got one for each of my children. We followed the directions to the "T" for the first one and it came out "okay." We used quite a bit more water for the second one and it came out much better. I think a 16x16 mold would work better, as there was not much room for a handprint and a little bit of writing. We did decorate with natural river stones - but there was not a lot of extraneous space to decorate. I would have liked a bit more of the Stonecraft mix so that it would make a thicker stone. The stones we ended up with are not actually thick enough to use as a "real" stepping stone. Purely decorative. Having said all this, we would use it again. Maybe I'll just go to Home Depot and get concrete mix and reuse the mold..... Still, well worth the $$ spent to have a lasting memory. The boys enjoyed the process and my husband enjoyed the end product!
Rated by: Bob D. in Cumberland, RI
The stepping stones were great, just did an alphabet walk with third graders and students with special needs. The children had a blast and it was an easy project and a great addition to our garden.
Rated by: Jacklyn C. in Fort Worth, TX
This is a project that I plan to use this summer with my grandchildren. A memory lane of sorts. This will be good messy fun for the boys and girls of all ages.
Rated by: Gina U. in Nitro, WV
I made this as a gift for my mom. It was my nephew's handprints to add to my son and niece's she already had. She loved it! My nephew, who is 2, loves to put his hand in the imprint and show everyone his hands.
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