Airlite Core Drawing Board

Product Description

Basswood drawing board with smooth, natural surface both sides. Resin-impregnated pulp fiber honeycomb is permanently bonded for rigidity and strength. Basswood frame serves as a smooth, natural edge. Edge is true so you can use T-squares and triangles to maintain sharp, true angles. Lightweight with superb durability. Made in USA.

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size: 18 in. x 24 in.
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size: 20 in. x 26 in.
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size: 23 in. x 31 in.
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size: 24 in. x 36 in.
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Rated by: marcel c. in san francisco, ca
This board is perfect for drawing, painting, and kneading bread.
Rated by: David B. in Corona, CA
I use my Airlite Core Drawing Board everyday. I wouldn't know what to do without it. It is lite and definitely gets the job done.
Rated by: Augina A. in Carlsbad, NM
Wonderful product. When working on the go this is lightweight and perfect for any project.
Rated by: Michelle G. in San Francisco, CA
Light weight, sturdy, great for ease of drawing.
Rated by: Eileen B. in Madison, AL
This is a very fine drawing board. Many members of my art class wanted on just like it, so I told them where I got it. We enjoyed it's light weight and nice size.
Rated by: Candace B. in Bowling Green, OH
This board has been very helpful so far when working with larger drawings and paintings. You can used masking tape on this board and take it off and it maintains its smooth surface. It is very lightweight even though it looks like it is made out of wood.
Rated by: Dino R. in Sumter, SC
Even lighter than you would expect, but sturdy as well.
Rated by: Mary B. in Palmdale, CA
This board is AWESOME! The board is light as a feather and is well worth the money. If your looking for a sturdy drawing board that is light yet reliable, this is board is for you.
Rated by: Robert N. in Norwalk, CT
I simply cannot get over how incredibly LIGHT this board is! The last time I bought a drawing board (way back when in college) it weighed a ton. This is strong, smooth and as light as a feather!
Rated by: Annie L. in Pittsburgh, PA
This board is the best by far! Light weight and soft but yet sturdy! Easy to take with you for traveling.
Rated by: Megan M. in San Jose, CA
Light as a feather these boards offer steady support for my drawing projects. Add a Borco sheet, and a Mayline and you will have the perfect setup for drafting!
Rated by: Anna N. in Cherry Hill, NJ
The PRO ART Airlite Core Drawing Board is a very light and sturdy drawing board. It is good for all sorts of projects like model building where the drawing board can be used as a base for something like a model of a house.
Rated by: La Niecia V. in Washington, DC
This is a very light weight board...I love it
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