Dual Point Driver

Product Description

The Dual Point Drive insert gun is unique in that it can use stacks of either rigid or flexible points. Use this driver to drive points into either soft or hard wood moulding to secure artwork, backing board, and glass into the frame. All metal construction. Includes 100 free points, 50 rigid,  and 50 flexible. Rigid points are best suited for permanent installations. Once installed, tools are required to straighten a rigid point. Flexible points can be bent by hand, making them ideal for removing and/or replacing the frame contents without the use of tools.

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description: Flexible Points
unit: pack of 600
Manu #F53
Item #76035
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description: point driver
unit: each
Manu #F500-2
Item #15426
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description: Rigid Points
unit: pack of 600
Manu #F54
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(based on 5 reviews)


Rated by: Steve in Sandy, UT
The product was exactly what I wanted. Thanks
Rated by: Gary J in Tilton Ill
I use the Logan point driver everyday. It makes the job so much easier with the tension device.
Rated by: Jean M. in Syracuse, NY
I had been using the Logan Framing Tool - a point driver that has to be manually squeezed to set the point. This Dual Point driver takes all the effort out of it, works quickly and doesn't strain my weakened thumb. Love it!
Rated by: Lisa T. in Harrisburg, IL
The Logan Dual Point Driver works great!  I thought it would be hard to use but the first time I used it it worked smooth and didn't require much effort.  I am very pleased with it.
Rated by: david b. in bozeman, MT
What a great tool, now when I frame my art work it looks more proffessional!I'll always order from MisterArt.com, what fast service!!!
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