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Pebble Board

Pebble Board

Product Description

These excellent quality mat boards are finished on both sides with a pebble surface. All have one white side and a complementary color on the other. The boards are popular with artists and frame shops.

Boards measure 32 in. x 40 in and have a single thickness of 0.050-0.060.

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color: black/white
MPN: B572C
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color: white/cream
MPN: B505C
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5 Star Rating

(based on 2 reviews)


5 Star Rating
Rated by: Jonathan W. in Baraboo, WI
I ordered the pebble mat board to finish my photographs in a nice 16 x 20 mat. The local book store had each sheet at $9.75 for a 32 x 40 sheet. Saved a huge amount of money, plus they packaged it very well, and it arrived in superb condition, no damaged corners.
5 Star Rating
Rated by: Amaranta R. in Orono, ME
I was very happy with my purchase. The quality of the mat board was excellent. I had just recently checked on a local framing store for a similar product, and the price they had was $15.00 plus tax. MisterArt.com offered this product for ~$7.00.
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