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Frameless picture hanging system for hanging pictures, artwork, photographs, plaques, and decorative items. The reusable clips grip from all four corners allowing ample room for matting, mount boards, etc. Will frame works up to 26 in. x 26 in. Each set contains four clips for hanging one picture.

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unit: 1 set
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Rated by: beckjm in Pittburgh, PA
These were perfect for a thick art piece I had purchased, which had an even thicker glass top. These clips hold this heavy piece together very well. Better outcome than I had ever hoped for! Thanks!
Rated by: Joe Z. in , MA
"Gallery clips" are a simple, quick and stylish frameless frame.
Rated by: peggy m. in seattle, WA
I had accumulated quite a few small watercolor studies of botanicals and wanted to show them in an inexpensive but distinctive way. I went on line to check out different sorts of clips and ordered JBC Swiss Corner Clips and Moore Gallery Clips to compare them with some others I was able to purchase locally. The Moore Clips are a quiet, unpolished finish and very simply made which I think is what makes them beautiful. The package also contains a natural colored woven cotton string to secure the corners on the back and provide a good hanging "triangle". For a more polished look I would use the JBC Swiss Clips.
Rated by: Dennis G. in Ellicott City, MD
I purchased these Gallery Clips for a one man show at a local restaurant . We matted 8.5 by 11 photos in 16 by 20 mats with a protective sleeve. I needed a means to hang the photos without damaging the mat or the protective sleeve. These clips were the perfect answer. After the show I removed the clips to save for another day. A great product.
Rated by: Holly Q. in Rapid City, SD
These gallery clips are inexpensive (a big plus), but look nice. I suggest using thin wire instead of the string that comes with the clips. I wasn't able to get the string tight enough to keep the clips from slipping.
Rated by: Shane R. in fayetteville, AR
I have been using these clips for a while now, they work great if you're looking for a minimal way to hang prints or photos. Very clean and simple.
Rated by: sheila b. in berlin, PA
These clips were perfect for the look i had wanted. i used them for my senior thesis exhibition at college and i got tons of compliments! The price was the best i could find, online and elsewhere!!! Thank you, Mister Art! I will surely be shopping your site again soon!!!
Rated by: Shan G. in Tulsa, OK
I was thrilled to find these at Mister Art.... the company i previously ordered them from was out. Not only did I get them in A FEW DAYS (!) but they were alot cheaper too. I will be ordering more from this company!
Rated by: nancy j. in cincinnati, OH
These are not easy to find, no store locally has them. I was happy to be able purchase them (and at the best price, too) at MisterArt. Provides an impressive, clean look, and it was a quick, easy way to hang a show.
Rated by: Coral S. in Billings, MT
An elegant, clean alternative to framing, and I can't get them anywhere in town. The only criticism is that they are difficult to hang level - especially in a group
Rated by: jc f. in Exeter, NH
Great product -- easy to assemble and makes hanging very lightweight.
Rated by: A C. in Boston, MA
Good, quick, cheap solution for small and odd-sized prints that may change frequently; may need mat, but works okay without
Rated by: Carrie T. in Little Rock, AR
I can never say enough for MisterArt's Customer Service. I always know what is going on with my order. I bought the gallery clips to hang flat pannel canvas paintings. The art clips do not take the eye away from the artwork and the bounus is that it is cheaper than framing.
Rated by: kristine i. in pleasanton, CA
i used these for hanging pictures in glass held together with a simple adhesive fabric frame. i couldn't find them at any art/craft/framing store around here. they're simple but sturdy. i just wish the package would show you how to tie a secure knot!
Rated by: Gary M. in Richland, WA
I could nto find anything that works as well as these. Unfortunately the online picture of these does not demontrate them very well. These will allow you the ability to hang your art or photo with matting and backboard (no frame). They are easy to use and quite presentable.
Rated by: Pamela C. in West Bloomfield, MI
These are sturdy and do a good job of holding the picture
Rated by: Kim P. in Orleans, MA
awesome gallery clips- worked beautifully....thanks
Rated by: Leslie S. in Lansing, MI
I had a gallery show and used these clips for my 20x20 photographs. They worked perfectly! They did just what I wanted, and didn't distract attention from my photos! They're perfect and I can use them over and over for any size my work might turn out to be. I love these gallery clips!!
Rated by: Lara C. in canton, GA
Awesome for a clean contemporary frame. Nice because it fits (almost) any size. I used picure wire instead of the enclosed twine on a larger piece. Don't know if it was needed, but it made me feel better. Super easy to use and great diagram for use.
Rated by: Ken J. in Blacksburg, VA
Excellent product with GOOD illustrations on assembly right on the package! Prompt service from!
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