Boston School Pro Electric Pencil Sharpener

Product Description

The first electric pencil sharpener designed for classroom use. Features include quiet, heavy duty motor, extra-large shavings receptacle, and automatic pencil stop. Sharpens wood, composite and recycled pencils. Dial fits regular or thick children's pencils. Classroom tested... teacher approved.

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description: school pro electric sharpener
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(based on 7 reviews)


Rated by: David in El Paso, TX
Fantastic for regular pencils, but when I tried to use it on pastel or charcoal pencils it broke the lead every time. The single rotary blade seems to strike the side of the pencil unevenly breaking the softer leads.
Rated by: susan in kerhonkson, ny
This is a great pencil sharpener. It has provided consistent satisfaction regardless of materials oil, pastel, watercolor, and regular drawing pencils. I love mine.
Rated by: jessica l. in las vegas, NV
great sharpener!!!! Fast quiet, and fits a wide variety of sizes. I havnt had a problem yet with the lead breaking off. It gives a sharp point every time.
Rated by: Michele M. in Fort Worth, TX
This pencil sharpener is the best one I have ever used! It is fast, quiet and does a great job of sharpening our regular and colored pencils. I think is was well worth the cost!
Rated by: Judith C. in Cordova, TN
This is the best pencil sharpener I have ever used. I sharpen pastel pencils. This task is very difficult due to the inherent powderness of the material. (I now own 5 different types.) This sharpener will take all types and never gets jammed! Trust me, you'll love it.
Rated by: Nancy C. in Sedona, AZ
This sharpener is great for Prismacolor pencils. The wax content isn't a problem for it, the pencils fit well, the point gets sharp while not wasting the lead by taking off more than you need. As the other reviewer noted, it is indeed easy to maintain when the point breaks off inside.
Rated by: george b. in montreal canada, AK
once upon a time...pastelists used to use a little pad of sandpaper scraps to keep pastel pencils sharp. not anymore. i've tried at least three other sharpeners (electric and manual)..i've a pile of cutters and knives...but the Boston School Pro is the answer. solid, fast, easy to maintain (sometimes a pastel point breaks off in the sharpener ...take off the shavings catcher, turn it upside down and you have easy access to remove your problem.) It takes several sizes of pencils (not all brands are equal)...and gives you a perfect point every time. gives uou more time to be creative!
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