Black Magic Waterproof Ink

Product Description

Intense black formula for use on polyester drafting film, paper, vellum, prepared acetate, and automatic drafting machines. Reproduces with even line tone and contrast. Won't peel, chip or crack.

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size: 1 oz.
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(based on 14 reviews)


Rated by: Teresa F. in Dunkirk, MD
Great ink for Italics. I suggest it for all my students for even flow and very dark opacity.
Rated by: Teresa F. in Dunkirk, MD
This ink is very opaque and dense but at the same time does not cake up on the nib like other inks that are as opaque.
Rated by: Teresa F. in Dunkirk, MD
This product is excellent for beginners to achieve the dark opaque ink blackness while they continue their learning process of calligraphy without the hassle of caked nibs.
Rated by: James I. in wisconsin, WI
Absolutely splendid to use and it also looks wonderful!!!!!
Rated by: L K. in Hopkinton, NH
Still the best ink. Velvety, dense, and smooth. Slightly thicker viscosity is great for beginners and professional calligraphers. The plastic stopper design is vital for filling pens neatly.
Rated by: Melvin N. in Washington, DC
Rated by: Lucy R. in Olney, MD
This is the second bottle of Black Magic I've purchased, I used up the first one on tons of pen and ink drawings. Its color is perfectly dark and no matter the medium it's used on, it will stay. I recently used some as a wash in a drawing, it dilutes quite nicely in water to make varying shades of gray for washes.
Rated by: kelly t. in Mile High, CO
This is by far the best, most intense black ink I've ever used. It works on paper, vellum and mylar with equally opaque results. I've drawn thousands of miles using Higgins Black Magic. It is the only black ink I would ever use.
Rated by: kelly t. in Mile High, CO
This is THE BEST black ink I have ever used. Intensely black on paper, mylar or vellum. I've tried many inks and this is the ONLY ink I use. I've drawn thousands of miles of lines using Black Magic and would not even consider using anything else.
Rated by: Janice D. in norfolk, VA
This is great ink. It flows well for areas that need to be intense black. It only takes one coat and maybe a touch up here and there. Other inks I have used need to have more than one coat of ink to make it totally cover the area. Ordering from Mister Art was a breeze and I would highly recommend them.
Rated by: Janice D. in norfolk, VA
Excellent illustration board. It is a bit lighter weight than I had used in the past, but it has a great texture for pen & ink and takes watercolor wash quite well. It also allows for good erasing without destroying the drawing! I do house portraits and this board works quite well for that purpose. Would highly recommend it. and ordering from Mister Art was a breeze!!!
Rated by: Alida S. in Springfield, MA
Good solid, reliable ink. I also like the design of the bottle, minimizing chances of it being tipped too easily because of it's wide base and long neck to avoid dripping about.
Rated by: David M. in Bloomfield, NJ
pretty much the standard for comic book artists, solid blacks, works with pens and brushes, and waterproof. Makes even mediorce art pop out from the page, a must for anyone serious about their craft.
Rated by: T. L. in Apopka, FL
Higgins Black Magic is a great ink, I use it for brushwork, and in quill points. Fantastic for illustration, nice solid black, and waterproof. You'll get great results with this ink.
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