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Prismacolor Art Stix have soft, moisture proof leads like Prismacolor pencils but without the wood. The smooth leads are ideal for blending and covering large areas. These stix match Prismacolor pencils. Sets feature a handy plastic tray for easy access and storage. Set of 12 contains canary yellow, orange, crimson red, violet, violet blue, true blue, apple green, grass green, sienna brown, dark brown, black, and white. Set of 24 contains set of 12 plus, Spanish orange, goldenrod, scarlet lake, mulberry, pink, peach, parma violet, light blue, indigo blue, true green, dark green, and Tuscan red. Set of 36 contains set of 24 plus, yellow ochre, pale vermillion, carmine red, magenta, blush pink, light peach, ultramarine, aquamarine, spring green, olive green, burnt ochre, and burnt umber. Set of 48 contains set of 36 plus, lemon yellow, yellowed orange, process red, lilac, peacock blue, non-photo blue, chartreuse, peacock green, terra cotta, metallic silver, metallic gold, and cream.

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description: set of 12
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description: set of 24
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Rated by: Susan S. in Mcpherson, KS
These are a great addition to colored pencils and make doing large areas much faster and easier. Good quality.
Rated by: Lorraine S. in Oak Park, MI
Prismacolor are one of the best Pastels I have worked with. Used them first when I was in High School. Now retired. Won't change a thing. They are great.
Rated by: Traci O. in Barnstead, NH
These art sticks are so cool. They are so fun to draw with them
Rated by: Luke S. in Manalapan, NJ
These art sticks are great!! I love them better then using pastels since they are safer and less messy since it doesnt have chalk dust. I am using the sticks for laying in an underpainting and for taking care of big spaces like skys and oceans. I am working on monster murals and other fine art pieces with them.
Rated by: Mark J. in NJ, NJ
These Art Stix are incredible! They are small, but very hard and dense...therefore, they last quite long. The price is a bit high, but definately worth every penny. I would highly recommend these to anybody. I love the fact that they are can cover large areas wtih them. By the way, I think it is important to know that these are not the slightest bit messy. They do not get on your hands at all! I can't see how anybody wouldn't love these!
Rated by: Linda J. in Plymouth, IN
Everything I have bought from has been first class, no need to worry about their products!
Rated by: Pat g. in Huntsville,Al 35803, AL
This is a great addition to the Prismacolor pencils and saves a great deal of background time.
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