GoWrite! Dry Erase Poster Board

Product Description

Sturdy 12 poin white dry erase poster board available in two sizes coated on one side with a premium dry erase patented technology for clean erasure. Suitable for art, office and school applications. Make a sign, poster or project then simply erase and reuse!

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size: 22 in. x 28 in.
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Rated by: CKW in MI
I loved it and was trying to replace it after a fire and water damage to my apartment. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time locating it anywhere on internet and it wasn't at Walmart anymore. Hence, I OVER purchased the "Carolina Pad U create" 22x 28 in. that was flimsy and two of them cracked into pieces in the car during winter.--Ouch The "Wipe-on Wipe Off" Carolina Pad is much much better: a nice size, easy to attach to the wall and likewise easy to remove with simple tape.
Rated by: Diane a. in Oak Lawn, IL
These sheets are the best. We reuse them daily and each sheet will last months with proper care. They are extremely durable and like carrying a portable and flexible dry erase board. Please, please, please....never stop making them, Carolina Pad and Thank you, Mister Art for keeping them available. You're the best!
Rated by: David H in Ft. Inn SC
Exactly as described. Great product and service. I made a whiteboard for my grandkids and backed it with sheet metal so magnets would also stick to it.
Rated by: Cindy S. in Panama City, FL
I love this poster board! I have one in my office. My son has it like wallpaper in his room. He is always working on projects. It's great!!
Rated by: Betty Jean H. in Galena, MD
I do One Stroke painting and I have found that painting on this glossy board works well. Mistakes can be wiped off and it can be cut to accomodate my project. It works well in the bottoms of wooden trays, rather than painting directly on the wood, and can be changed for different seasons, etc. I just wish it was more readily available.
Rated by: Dave B. in Grand Rapids, MI
This is awesome for working with groups, portable white board, rolls, reuse after clean is good.. what more could you ask?!
Rated by: Kristin N. in Germantown, TN
I am the director of an afterschool art enrichment program called Young Rembrandts. We go to the schools and teach art, but sometimes there is limited space and we do not always have a dry erase board or chalk board to teach with. These wipe on/off poster boards are great for my teachers because they are totally portable and very lightweight. Now we don't have to worry about not having anything to write on!
Rated by: Debbie A. in Savannah, GA
I've used the write on/wipe off poster board for nearly 5 years in my classroom. For the past four years, I have bought the boards from a nearby grocery store. This year the boards were no longer carried, so I looked up the product in the search engine of my computer. There it was! It was a bit more, but the piece of board was considerably larger. I cut the board into sections small enough to fit on a clipboard. Using dry erase markers and a paper towel, my second graders use their "slates" to participate in phonics lessons every morning. We have also used the slates for math games. I love using these boards! Please don't ever stop carrying them!
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