Adirondack Blending Solution

Product Description

Because Adirondack Alcohol Inks are packed with color to provide the most vivid, polished stone effects when using them full strength, Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution was specially formulated to lighten and blend their colors. It's also great for removing the ink from slick surfaces, hands, and art tools or for rewetting so you can rework your projects. Adirondack Alcohol Solution is acid free. It comes in a 2 fl. oz. bottle with a precision applicator tip.

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size: 2 fl. oz. bottle
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Rated by: Linda in Colorado
This is an absolute must when working with alcohol inks.
Rated by: Vanessa H. in La Crosse, WI
If you plan to use any of the alcohol inks, you can't be without this product! It's great for creating incredible effects on surface art, extending color life on felt pads, and also is the best for clean-up on surfaces! (the best surface to work on is the teflon sheet to clean up perfectly and protect worktables.) Always have an extra bottle handy, it's frustrating when you run out in the middle of a project :)
Rated by: Teri T. in Altamonte Springs, FL
This blending solution is an absolute must when working with the alcohol inks; as well as being necessary for removing the inks from counters, tables, hands etc!! I keep 2 bottles on hand @ all times, couldn't be w/out it! The looks you can achieve w/ sponging, dripping, combing etc are unbelievable! This allows your creativity to soar!
Rated by: Judith M. in San Diego, CA
The blending solution gives you many more choices when creating with the Adirondack Alcohol Inks. I especially like being able to lighten and rewetting my work.
Rated by: Debbie B. in Wonderful, WY
Great addition to the alcohol inks, use as a lightener for your alcohol inks or for clean up! Can't live without this in my scrapbooking studio!
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